Queen's Blade Championship
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Chris Hunt takes a walk in the hallway

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Chris Hunt takes a walk in the hallway

Post by Guest on Mon Aug 05, 2013 11:19 am

The camera now shows a bird-eye view of a  hallway, the hallway is clean and wide, it has a few identical artistic posters on the wall that say ''Queen's Blade Championship'' on the bottom.  In the hallway, some combatants can be seen stretching, Sakuya, the head guard of the female legion, can be seen bullying some combatant for crossing the line, Izumi is cleaning the hallways while watching Sakuya carefully, and ofcourse, both female and male guards are all over the hallway. 

So basically, just the normal night in the backstage area, then suddenly Chris Hunt appears walking in the far end of the hallway. Chris Hunt is wearing baggy sweatpants, big hiking boots, and ofcourse, has the Blade Championship strapped proudly around his waist. The 7'5'' foot half titan half man giant is breathing heavily and has an angry expression on his face. Chris Hunt starts making his way down the hallway,walking with anger, yet with steady pace the guards greet him with a nod, but he does not respond, he just keeps walking until he is close enough to see what Sakuya, surrounded by her female guards was doing to a combatant.

Sakuya was holding the man by his throat, he was shorter than Sakuya is, looked a lot weaker, and was clearly extremely scare...all the combatants are, after word came out about Keele. Chris stops, crosses his arms, and watches Sakuya.

Sakuya: Listen kid, I don't give a damn who the hell you think you are, you either know your place, or I will put you in it.....

The sweaty combatant, who is being held by the neck by Sakuya takes a big gulp and nods quickly.
Sakuya, with a swift, quick movement throws a massive blow to the unnamed combatants stomach, the combatant falls to the floor and Sakyua signals for the guards to take him away. Chris Hunt then continues to walk, when he gets closer to Sakuya she opens her mouth to speak

Sakuya: Good evening, champion.
Chris Hunt just pats his title with force, nods, and keeps walking while Sakuya grunts in disgust, Chris keeps walking until he notices the young, tiny kid cleaning the hallway's floor, the kid lifts his face and can be identified as Izumi. Once Izumi notices Chris, he moves back a few steps and speaks with a low voice as he stutters 
Izumi: H-h-he-hello ch-champion....

Chris Hunt: Hey kid, there's something on your face.

Izumi: P-ple-please d-d-on't h-h-i----

But before Izumi can finish his sentence, Chris Hunt strikes with a quick, vicious punch to Izumi's jaw, causing him to immediately fall down.

Kinda rushed this since I was sleepy and didn't have much time, will likely add and edit later, for now, do your stuff rabies.

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Re: Chris Hunt takes a walk in the hallway

Post by Guest on Tue Aug 06, 2013 10:51 am

The kid falls to the ground as other combatants and guards start to laugh. The bucket that was full with water has now been spilled on the floor and Izumi is on his knees. Chris has a smirk on his face. He raises his giant foot and targets it towards Izumi's face. When suddenly a laughing combatant gets hit on the back of the head by someone, as he hits the floor Chris Hunt gets distracted and looks at the man who is interfering. Before he can get ready to strike he sees that the man is Dogpyle himself. He goes to stand besides Chris as he looks at Izumi.

Dogpyle: How you doing big fella? Everything's alright?

Chris: Yeah, it's all fine. Just teaching the little punk a lesson. Hey! Clean off this dirty water away from my feet.

As both men look down their wrestling boots are getting a little wet from the cleaning water that has been spilled on the floors. The crowd starts to scream: "Clean It up" numerous times before they get interrupted by Dogpyle.

Dogpyle: Shut up!

A sudden silence surrounds the room as a voice somewhere in the crowd can be heard.

Voice: Or what?

Dogpyle smiles.

Dogpyle: Or I'll get you in the ring. How about you come out and face me?

A sudden silence surrounds the room once more.

Dogpyle: Anyone else has a problem?

A buzz can then be heard in the crowd as they slowly leave one by one. Dogpyle then offers his hand to still grounded Izumi as he lifts him up to his feet and then lifts his bucket up.

Izumi: You don't need to do that!

Dogpyle: Shut up and come with me. Chris! You take care, I'll see you later.

Dogpyle with a bucket in his hand then walks back in the direction of his groups luxus cell with a bucket in his hand and a lost Izumi right behind him.

Dogpyle: Here come!

Izumi seems to be afraid as he thinks he's going to go through another punishment by a roster member.

Dogpyle: Don't be scared you little woos. Come, I'll help ya out.

Izumi: Why are you helping me out anyway?

Dogpyle: Well...let's just say you remind me of someone.

Izumi then doesn't say a word as they both are now getting closer to the cell. The camera cuts off and goes directly to Dogpyle's cell as they both walk in. As Izumi walks into an actual Champions cell has an unbelievable sparkle in his eyes as he looks around the huge room. He sees a TV and runs right to it and watches at a commercial like a normal male would be watching a live presentation of Super Bowl.

Dogpyle: Come here. Sit!

Izumi then goes to the small wooden round table that has cards, snacks and beer cans tossed all over it. He sits down politely and puts his hands on his knees. Dogpyle sits in the opposite side as he has a light smile on his face.

Dogpyle: Here. Drink this.

He passes him a beer can and Izumi has no idea what that is.

Izumi: What's that?

Dogpyle: Just taste it. It's the daily juice of Chris Hunt, Dogpyle and Vicious Wolf.

Izumi: Really? Then I need to taste it!

He grabs the opened beer can from Dogpyle, takes a deep breath and drinks as much as he can take. He swallows it, his face expression suddenly changes as he looks at Dogpyle with the most disgusted face expression you can think of.

Izumi: Oh my god what is that? I need water. Please!

Dogpyle then takes a glass and while Izumi is turned choking, Dogpyle takes a little of the water from the bucket and fills the glass with it.

Dogpyle: Here! This should help!

Izumi with a hurry takes the glass and drinks it out fully. His face suddenly turns red as he goes to the toilet and starts spitting in it repeatedly. While Dogpyle is in his chair having the big loud laugh.

Izumi: That wasn't funny.

Dogpyle: Hey kid! Take a joke, will ya. Ok, now you go do your work and then come back. If anyone has any problems with you, you say you're friends with Dogpyle.

He then passes the now filled bucket with water to Izumi as he takes it with a smile in his face and taste of soap and beer in his mouth.

Izumi: Thanks!

Dogpyle: Don't mention it. Now go. My guys are about to get here. If you want to get killed you can stick around though.

Izumi: I think I'll pass.

Dogpyle: Smart boy. Now leave!

He then walks out as Chris Hunt and Vicious Wolf pass him by chatting with each other while walking in their cell.

Vicious Wolf: What that waste of space is doing here?

Dogpyle: Nothing! Just got him here to clean our floors. Hey take a beer.

He then throws a beer at Vicious, who smirks catches it and sits on the couch and watches the TV. Chris Hunt just pretends he didn't hear anything and sits down as well, having a worried look at Dogpyle.

The camera fades.


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Re: Chris Hunt takes a walk in the hallway

Post by Guest on Wed Aug 07, 2013 12:30 am

Looks great! We can also have our characters argue about this in later segments Smile


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Re: Chris Hunt takes a walk in the hallway

Post by Guest on Wed Aug 07, 2013 1:54 am

Yeah, I already have that planned. Not now though. No need to rush into this.


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Re: Chris Hunt takes a walk in the hallway

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