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The Death of Keel Zeibel

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The Death of Keel Zeibel

Post by Sephira on Mon Aug 05, 2013 9:24 pm

The scene turns to the dungeons, as Keele is found sitting against the wall, battered and bruised from his earlier defeat. Suddenly the sound of key unlocking startles him, as he drags himself to his feet.

As the cell door creaks open as Sakuya appears from the darkness. Her face full of disgust as her eyes meet Keele's. She turns to the Guard's standing by the door and nods, as they slowly close the door and turn the key, locking Sakuya and Keele in together.

In her hands a bag can be found. She walks over to the cell bed and sits down, pulling various objects from the bag as Keele looks on. She removes her boots, replacing them with a different pair, ones that look bloodied and far more gruesome then her original ones. She turns to Keele as she slowly pull's her left Boot up.

Sakuya: Oh Keele, just when I thought you'd take full advantage of your chance...

Sakuya pauses as she begins to tie the laces, the threads red in blood. Once tied, she stomps her foot to the ground and begins to pull the right boot up.

Sakuya: But you disappointed, you disappointed the queen, the fans... yourself.

Sakuya ties the second boot up and stands to her feet and slowly approaches Keele who backs himself up against the wall.

Sakuya: And now, you're going to pay dearly.

Keele's backs himself into the wall, desperately trying to get away as Sakuya slowly approaches him, a grin on her face. She stands before him, taking enjoyment as his face shows fear.

Sakuya: Oh it'll be over quickly Keele... and very, very painfully.

Sakuya suddenly strikes her knee up, hitting Keele in the gut. She grabs his hair, forcing him to stay standing as she delievers another knee, this time holding her knee in place and grinding it into his stomach. As he bows over, she places his head against her knee and slams her elbow in the rear of his neck, making his scream in pain.

Sakuya: Poor Keele, you where always weak, always feeble, but it'll all be over soon, you'll finally be put out of your misery.

Sakuya strikes her knee into his rib cage as a shattering crack can be heard around the cell. Before Keele could regain any composure, she forcely twists on his neck, causing him to flip and land onto his spine; his back cracking against the cold hard floor.

She walks up to him and slams the heel of her boot into his collar bone, as a crack can be heard around the dungeon; followed be a scream of pain. Sakuya then treads on his chest and walks over towards the wall before turning and facing him.

Sakuya: And now, the final blow. It's been enjoyable seeing you struggle so much.

Keele's face begins to drip with tears as he crys in agony. Sakuya begins to laugh as she moves towards him, standing between his head, a foot on each side. She places her boot onto his face, gagging his mouth and forcing him to suffocate as she applys weight. Keele begins to grab at her leg, desperately attempting to pull her foot up but to no avail.

Sakuya: It's not enough Keele, you're going to have to do more then that.

As Keele's face begins to turn blue, Sakuya lifts her boot. Keele struggles for air as Sakuya hovers her boot over his head.

The view quickly moves to the floor, viewing the sole of her boot lifted in the air; a smile on her face as she begins to giggle to her self.

Sakuya: It's been nice knowing you kid, but your time is up.

Suddenly her boot comes crashing down as the scene turns to black with the sound of laughter echoing in the distance.
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Re: The Death of Keel Zeibel

Post by Guest on Tue Aug 06, 2013 3:24 am

Looks great.


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