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Keele after his match

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Keele after his match

Post by Guest on Wed Aug 07, 2013 3:13 am

Keele doesn't even get a chance to make it to his feet as two guards come into the ring and start dragging him back to his cell.

Keele: No! Please!

He knew well what would be awaiting him if he were to go back to his cell. Even in his current state of mind having it all end was not what he wanted. To have everything he's been through. From being some kid, coming to this tournament from a distant land. All the people who doubted him, the lies and betrayal of his former partner. His will to fight and how far he has come along so far. To have all that be for nothing? In a last ditch effort to get away Keele kicks the guard holding his feet. He manages to wiggle away from the guard holding his hands but before he can make a break two other guards jump him. The two original guards take their original places, holding his hands and feet, as the two other guards begin to kick him.

Guard 1: There's no getting out of this! You may as well stop fighting and just face the truth boy. Your time has come.

Keele: No!

Keele begins to cry as he starts trying to fight off the guards again.

Keele: Please! Im begging you! Just let me go!

The two guards continue to pull Keele back to his cell, as he kicks and screams, begging for mercy. One of the guards reaches into his pocket and grabs the key to the cell and unlocks it, as the other guard proceeds to throw Keele in. One of the guards notices Keele's book on the bed.

Guard2: Well looks like you wont be needing this anymore.

At this point Keele is crying so hard he cant even move. Knowing whats to come has engulfed him whole, and there was absolutely no escape. The two guards exit the cell and lock it up as they make their way down the halls, Laughing and joking. The simple little blue haired boy laying on the ground. Nothing to do. Nowhere to go. Just left to await his fate at the hands of Sakuya as the camera pans out.


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Re: Keele after his match

Post by Guest on Wed Aug 07, 2013 5:42 am

Great RP, Keele Smile much better than the ones from last season.


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