Queen's Blade Championship
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Before Lily's match

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Before Lily's match

Post by Sephira on Thu Aug 08, 2013 12:57 am

The camera cuts to the titontron, as the arena begins to darken. Suddenly flames erupt from the arena as "Here Comes The Kraken - Never Regret" is played throughout the arena. Suddenly, Lilynette accompanied by two female guard's appears through the titontron, her wings fully expanded as she walks down the ramp. A grin can be seen on her ring.

She stops just outside the ring as the guard's motion around the rails. Her wings begin to flap, slowly lifting her off the ground. She motions towards the arena, landing in the centre besides Iroha the referee. She point's towards the announcer table, as Nanael rushes into the ring holding a Mic, handing it to Lilynette before hurrying back to her seat.

Lilynette: Well, what can I say. Welcome to another round of the tournament.

Lilynette grins and slowly walks around the arena, her wings begins to fold in.

Lilynette: I suppose you're wondering why I've come out to the arena? Well, I have a surprise for you all. Don't worry, I won't disappoint.

Lilynette point's towards to titontron as guards begin to emerge, dragging a man. She wriggles her finger and licks her lips as the guards begin to drag him towards the arena. Once they get to the arena edge, the guard's throw him through the ropes, causing him to tumble and land at Lilynette's feet.

She looks down at her and users her foot to lift his chin up, his gaze now meeting hers as she smiles and put's the Mic back to her mouth.

Lilynette: As much as I enjoy my subject's laying at my feet so willingly, I think the crowd would prefer to see something more then this.

She steps back and grab's the man by the hair and forces him onto his knee's as he stares at the mat, unwilling to move. Lilynette kneels in front of him and places her hand on his chin, forcing him to stare her right in the face.

Lilynette: I promise this will all be over quickly...

She pulls him to his feet and shoves him towards a turnbuckle before throwing the Mic out of the arena as Alice calls for the bell.
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