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 Chris, Wolf, and Dogpyle reveal the con part 2

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 Chris, Wolf, and Dogpyle reveal the con part 2

Post by Guest on Thu Aug 08, 2013 4:55 am

The camera slowly fades in to the furnished cell of Chris Hunt, Dogpyle, and Vicious Wolf, the cell is still dim lighted, like it was at the start of the show. The three men are shown sitting on the couch with the giant, Chris Hunt sitting in the middle with the Blade title proudly placed on his shoulder, they're sitting exactly the same way they were sitting at the start of the show, and they still have that devious smirk on their faces.

Dogpyle: If the idiots in the trailer didn't screw this up, then you poor idiots are now in the middle of the show...and it's obvious that only reason you've stayed that long is hear us finish revealing how we executed our genius masterplan.

Chris Hunt: We got to the part where we started the execution of this brilliance, which was in the second show...it kicked off with a little...fight? between the Wolf over here and myself.

Vicious Wolf: You know...the classic ''he called me this, but he called me that'' stuff, and it worked like a charm on you fools, you saw it as an insignificant event, but it was actually a vital step of our plan...

Chris Hunt: That's when we went to the training ground, and I went to fool around, or so you thought, and met with this shady freak who calls himself ''Walking Dead'', or as I would like to call him, ''our main pawn''. As hard as it was not to break that guy's face right then and there, I fought the urge. He started talking to me about that anger crap, and you idiots bought it, just like Wolf here had anticipated. and I did what he wanted and followed him, just like Dogpyle anticipated.

Chris Hunt pauses to take a deep breath and adjust the Queen's Blade title on his shoulder.

Chris Hunt: Now comes the hardest part of the plan, or at least it was to me....the  sacrifice...intentionally losing a match....trying to appear calm...getting humiliated...but I did it, and it worked just as we planned it.

Dogpyle: That makes it two weeks of careful planning by Wolf and I, and perfect execution by your champion, next came the third show, where tempers flare and friendships started to end...or so you thought.

Vicious Wolf: After our little ''fight'', Dogpyle and I had to make the biggest sacrifice, losing the chance to fight for the titles ourselves..

Chris Hunt: I bet you weaklings thought that I really went out there out of spite...I mean,  sure I ran in and cost them a title shot, but that was all a major part of the plan, a part we would like to call ''the sacrifice''

Dogpyle: But it doesn't end there, does it? That same night, Chris Hunt and Walking Dead approached us, and had yet another fight with us...I know what you're all going to point out, that we all brawled, and hurt each other...that was just another planned  sacrifice  we were planned to go through for the team...

Vicious Wolf: Now here is where it gets REALLY interesting, right after the guard  separated  us, a guard came in...and announced that we will each have number one contender matches for the championship match....I'm pretty sure you're asking right now ''But hey, guys, how did you know the Queen was going to make that  decision?'' Well, the truth is, we did not...we sent a trusted, anonymous well respected person to speak to the queen, and influence this  decision...and it worked like a charm.

Chris Hunt: And that's it for now...we will reveal the last part...and my favorite part of the plan later on in the show, until then, you better stay tuned.

The camera slowly fades to black.

((Kinda rushed this one as I am racing with time, and time is winning))


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