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Chris, Wolf, and Dogpyle reveal the con part 3

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Chris, Wolf, and Dogpyle reveal the con part 3

Post by Guest on Thu Aug 08, 2013 5:59 am

The camera slowly fades in to show now familiar furnished cell of Chris Hunt, Dogpyle, and Vicious Wolf. All three of them are dressed casually, exactly like the two previous pre-recorded messages, the lights are still very dim and the three men have the same smirk on their faces.

Chris Hunt looks at his belt, then at the camera, then at his Blade title belt again.

Chris Hunt: Look at it...it's a beauty isn't it...?

Dogpyle nudges Chris Hunt with his elbow.

Chris Hunt: What?

Dogpyle: [in a low, almost whispering voice] We haven't finished yet....

Chris Hunt: With what? The plan? It should be obvious by now where it goes...I mean, it doesn't take a genius, even I would be able to tell...

Vicious Wolf: The collective IQ of this crowd might be even lower than yours, Chris, so let's finish this..

All three of them laugh for a second, then Chris Hunt opens his mouth to speak again.

Chris Hunt: The last, and final week before the Pay Per View, the pre-show....that was when the three of us and our pawn, Walking Dead had our number one contender's match....and honestly at this point, I didn't care if Walking Dead wins or not, he had already served his purpose by the third show of the first season, his job was done, but he won...which is a good bonus....

Vicious Wolf: But that wasn't enough, we had to make sure EVERYONE was sold, we had to be a hundred percent sure that every single one of the crowd and the staff believed that we were done with each other, so we had the emotional handshake between the old friends Dogpyle and Chris Hunt after they agreed to go their  separate ways.

Dogpyle: I think I should win an award for that performance.

Chris Hunt: I would say the same, except that I DID win an award for that performance, because after that sad handshake, I had THE most violent, gruesome match you will EVER see in this show, by anyone else except myself, and I pinned Walking Dead before putting him through three flaming spiked tables.

Chris Hunt pauses to take a breath

Chris Hunt: And that was it, I became the Queen's Blade Champion, and everything changed...but are you surprised? Who in this place can possibly be a better champion? Who here can outpower ME? I am the biggest, baddest, meanest fighter in here, whether you like me or not....because the fact is, this is Queen's Blade Championship, and I am the Queen's Blade Champion, and there's not a damn thing anyone can do about it, so you better accept it....As for the fighters in this place who think they can take me on, then I would suggest that you step back, don't try to be a hero...look at me, do you really think anybody can beat me? Walking Dead tried, and guess what? He hasn't been seen since the PPV, he has only been seen carried out, with a bleeding, scarred, deranged face and an  unconscious  body.

Chris Hunt: So you better know your place, because I am the champion here, and the rest of you...you're nothing.

The camera slowly fades to black


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