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Xalvador's opening Part 2 (Needs checking for format)

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Xalvador's opening Part 2 (Needs checking for format)

Post by Guest on Thu Aug 08, 2013 8:39 am

Xalvador awakes in a cold darkened room. He tries to look around and gather his barings but his eyes are having problems adjusting. After a few seconds they come around and he can see his surroundings. A cell, nothing too different then what he has been in before. A simple wooden bed, bars to block his way from getting into a hallway thats lit by torches. The demon hunter tries to make his way to his feet but his legs can't hold his weight. Still in a daze, he manages to pull himself onto the bed.

Xalvador: Where the hell am I?

Xalvador tries to remember how he came to be in this place but his head can't process the information yet. He takes a look around again, confused of what to make of this. As he ponders for a few minutes, still uncapable to figure out how he came to be here, he does remember one thing.

Xalvador: My gun!

Checking his holster, he realizes he has gained the strength back in his legs and can stand finally. Not too surprised to find his gun missing, Xalvador walks to the cell bars and takes a peek. A long hallway spreads out to his left and right, with dozens of cells in each direction. Ase he brings his focus back to his front, he sees a woman standing in front of him, scantily dressed in some sort of armor.

Xalvador: You! Why have you brought me here?

Like a flash everything comes back to Xalvador.

Female Guard: You have been chosen to come here. Lets hope you can prove yourself worthy.

Xalvador: And where exactly am I? Im not very fond of being locked up like a dog.

Female guard: What you are fond of is none of my concern. But to answer your question, you have been brought to the Queens Blade Tournament, a brutal Tournament where you will be setup to fight in matches against others who have been given the privilege and be so lucky to come here and prove their worth.

A small grin breaks upon Xalvador's face. He lets out a small laugh of disdain.

Xalvador: And what type of fighting do we compete in here?

Female Guard: It will be hand to hand combat, where you are allowed to use brutality to its fullest extent.

The female guard shares in a grin back at Xalvador.

Female Guard: Actually its a necessity.

Xalvador: So let me get this straight here. I have been chosen and will now be put up in these "fights" of brutality against others?

Now Xalvador has a full on smile blooming on his face.

Xalvador: If thats the case you could have just asked me to come. No need to force my hand upon this. I would have gladly followed. Meh, I find it annoying you would think this situation would be trouble to me. Nothing i haven't faced before.

The female guard quickly removes her smile and moves closer to the cell bars.

Female Guard: Your charm will not work so easily on me. So you can stop trying to be so sly and cunning. I will not be so easily manipulated and could care less of your well being. Your nothing but a useless trinket, a simple pawn.

Xalvador: The smile on my face is not there for manipulation purposes. It's what im thinking that puts my mind at ease. I've dealt with your kind enough to know.

Xalvador laughs

Xalvador: The thought of what you must think of my situation here. hmph, it's nothing i haven't dealt with in the past. I could easily think of this as my new home for the time being.

Female Guard: So calm. I like that. And a confident one as well. Lets see how calm you are after your first fight.

Xalvador:M'lady im always calm. If a fight is what you are looking for then i shall accept it as so, and do what has to be done. This is nothing but a mere stepping stone in my path and what i wish to do. Now if you don't mind, I wish to be left alone in my own thoughts.

Xalvador walks from the cell bars over to the bed on hand and lays calmly upon it. He reaches into his boot and pulls a rock out. He starts to toss it in the air and catch it to pass time as the female guard takes her leave from the cell.

Xalvador: I bid you farewell m'lady.

Xalvador gives out a slight chuckle and goes back to tossing his rock as the camera fades out.


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Re: Xalvador's opening Part 2 (Needs checking for format)

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