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Opening/Stained in Blood (Pre-Show Roleplay)

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Opening/Stained in Blood (Pre-Show Roleplay)

Post by Sephira on Mon Aug 12, 2013 12:06 am

*To be extended

The camera turns to the dungeons, as Sakuya can be seen leaving a cell. Her knee's stained in blood as a grin can be seen on her face. As she walks down the dungeon floors, bloodied foot prints can be seen in her wake, trailing all the way back to the entrance of the cell. Guard's suddenly start to rush past her, heading in the direction she came from.

Sakuya put's her hand out, stopping a guard before her. The guard notices Sakuya's finger's dripping blood but before she could say anything, Sakuya places her hand against the guards mouth and whispers in the guard's ear.

Sakuya: I wouldn't worry about what you're about to see... Just ensure it's cleaned up and nobody above finds out about this...

The Guard nods before Sakuya removes her hand. The Guard's mouth now stained in blood as she lips her lip, her eyes suddenly widen in excitement before Sakuya snaps her fingers, putting the Guard back to a normal state. The Guard wipes her mouth before rushing back towards the cell.

Sakuya carrys onward and heads back into the pits.
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