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Hands of a Murderer (Lilynette/Cobalt)

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Hands of a Murderer (Lilynette/Cobalt)

Post by Sephira on Wed Aug 14, 2013 1:17 am

The camera turns to the Main Hall as Lilynette is standing by the window. A male guard approaches her before kneeling.

Guard: My Queen, we have news that the new division is ready. The new wrestlers are all integrating into the pit's as we speak.

Lilynette turn's and faces the Guard, a smile across her face. She walks towards the Guard, as he remains kneeled and places her hand on his shoulder.

Lilynette: Good... it's about time we changed things up here. I am sure the crowd will be very very pleased to get a little more... eye candy.

Lilynette lifts her hand from the Guard's shoulder and moves towards the Main Hall doors. The Guard raises to his feet and follows, assuming his duty finished, he head towards the door. As he passes Lilynette, the doors suddenly lock.

Lilynette: I don't remember saying you could leave.

Lilynette snaps her fingers as the lights suddenly go out. The Guard stands in fear in darkness as he can hear her footsteps approaching closer. Suddenly a hand covers his mouth, gagging his cries for help. Suddenly a snapping sound can be heard as the lights slowly turn back on, showing Lilynette standing behind the paralyzed Guard.

Lilynette begins to run her finger's down his neck, her claws piercing his soft skin as she breathes lightly into his ears. Suddenly the Main Hall doors crash open as Cobalt comes charging in. He notices Lilynette holding the Guard before and makes a loud coughing nose, grabbing her attention.

Cobalt: I sure hope I'm not interrupting anything important here.

Lilynette stares blankly at Cobalt before smiling.

Lilynette: Oh no, I was just having a nice little chat with this... Guard. However, the matter is dealt with.

Lilynette places her hand over his mouth and knee's him in the lower spine, knocking the Guard out conscious. She turns her attention to Cobalt and begins to walk towards him, treading on the now downed Guard's chest in her path.

Lilynette: Now, what is it?

Cobalt: Wait just a second.

He then turns his head and waves his finger for two of his guards to come towards him.

Cobalt: Take this weakling to the medical center. I need the guard fresh as a daisy for next show. Got it?

Guard: Yes sir!

The Guards then leave with the knocked out man on their shoulders as Cobalt directs his attention to the Queen.

Cobalt: So, having fun are we?

The Queen breaks out into a sadistic smile before walking towards Cobalt and cross his path.

Lilynette: I suppose you can say so, but it seems I didn't get too far with him. How unfortunate, I could have had had some real fun.

Cobalt grunts and looks the Queen in the eyes.

Cobalt: Glad to hear that. These monkeys don't grow in trees you know.

Lilynette laughs and smirks at Cobalts, circling him, each step echoing as her boots hits the floor.

Lilynette: Is there a purpose you came here? Or is this one of those empty non-productive conversations we're having?

Cobalt now wears a light smile on his face

Cobalt: Oh yes, and you know who I'm here to talk about. Earlier in the show, that little so called mistress tared down one of the male performers. He is a weakling, agreed. But he's an investment. Poor decision on Sakuya's part to kill him and poor decision on your part to let her do it.

Lilynette put's your hand over Cobalts mouth before he could continue. She moves closer and stares in eye to eye, her gaze striking through Cobalt.

Lilynette: I think that'll be enough for now Cobalt. Don't misguide yourself into thinking every fighter here is of use to us. After all, the main priority for us is to entertain the crowd, and Keele, simply was not entertaining.

She removes her hand as Cobalt bows down to one knee right in front of Lilynette.

Cobalt: I don't want you to misunderstand me. I've always been loyal to you, and will always be as long as I can stand and breathe. But Sakuya is reckless, this place needs to run like a well oiled machine, currently everyone's putting their reputations on the line, with such lack of professionalism.

Lilynette places her hand on his shoulder as he peers up at her. She lets of a feint smile.

Lilynette: There is one thing you need to understand. We can not afford to let such weaklings last long in this place, or else we risk our tournament failing. You know in this world that the dangers of a realm without its lust for blood fed by us would bring.

She turns to the window and walks slowly, waving her hand signalling Cobalt to wise to his feet as he follows.

Lilynette: Since, you desire so much to protect the combatants from Sakuya's punishments... I think you would be better suited to manage the Pits. It'll become your job to keep them in line and ensure they perform as demanded. I guess, if we where like anything the other world, you would be what they call a General Manager.

Lilynette turns and faces Cobalt.

Lilynette: Think about it. If that is what you want, then once Chamber of Hell has passed, you may take control of The Pit's as a Manager. Of course, in doing so makes Sakuya the leader of the Guard's. Now go, I'm sure you'll want to think of this offer.

Lilynette turns her back to Cobalt, who turns and walks out of the main hall, a smirk on his face. As the Camera begins to fade, Lilynette's wings can be seen slowly expanding out.
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