Queen's Blade Championship
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Xalvador, Before match in the pits.(Needs checking by lillith, in case wants to add to rp)

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Xalvador, Before match in the pits.(Needs checking by lillith, in case wants to add to rp)

Post by Athenis on Fri Aug 16, 2013 3:56 pm

Xalvador is broken from his concentration as the female guard catches his attention.

Female Guard: Your time has come, your up next. Please, up and through the portal.

Xalvador calmly stands and awaits for the guard to summon up a portal, leading out to the pits where he will fight his first match. Deep down he is anxious, or better term, excited for the event ahead of him. But on the surface he remains a cool calm composure.

Xalvador: Surely, I have all day to wait.

The female Guard lets off a fierce grin and summons up a portal, then gives a simple gesture toward it.

Xalvador: Thank you m'lady.

Xalvador delivers a smile in a way that only he can as he walks through the portal. Coming out the other side, a small gasp comes from him. This part of the world seems much more fitting to him then just sitting in a cell. The roar of the fans, calling and yearning for blood brings a weird sense of calmness to him. Not as if he can see anything yet. He awaits to be called upon when he is bumped into by a fellow female wrestler.

Xalvador: Hmph, my apologies. I didnt realize i was in the way.

The female leers at Xalvador, but remains silent.

Xalvador: My name is Xalvador Lienhart. I see you are full of conversation. Xalvador smirks May I have yours?

Still silent she remains as a blast of music echoes around the pits. The female then begins to walk to the ring.

Xalvador: Ha, I see.

The camera breaks away from Xalvador and turns back to the commentators.


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