Queen's Blade Championship
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Blackheart's heart might not be that black afterall

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Blackheart's heart might not be that black afterall

Post by BasilBlackheart on Sat Aug 17, 2013 1:56 am

The camera takes us to the pits where Sakaki is standing with a mic in hand and a cheerful face alongside a frowned Basil Blackheart. The Queen's Blood Shield belt is resting on the champion's shoulder. Seeing his live, Sakaki starts the interview.

Sakaki: I'm here with the Queen's Blood Shield champion Basil Blackheart. - The boy turns towards the muscular man and continues talking. - So Basil, what's the feeling to be the first ever Blood Shiedl champion?

Blackheart puts the usual taste of disgust on his face as his eyes gaze for a second at the shining belt on his shoulder.

Basil Blackheart: Listen to me very well little man, this championship means nothing to me. It holds no value.

Surprised by the champion's answer Sakaki's face changes Being the professional he was he continued the interview as if it was all scripted.

Sakaki: I'm sure a lot of people will be disappointed with your answer. You are a champion, why doesn't that mean anything to you?

Basil grunts in response. Again his eyes stop on the shining piece of metal on his shoulder. He picks the belt with his hand and brings it infront of his chest, showing it to the camera.

Basil Blackheart: This piece of metal doesn't hold any value. I am not the only on title champion around here, and we all know I am the only one who is worth to carry that title. Those pieces of jewelry is being handed around to anyone who is half decent to not lose all his fights. I am disgusted that so many undeserving weakling hold titles and are viewd as my equals.

Blackheart lowers the belt out of the way and turns his sight towards the interviewer. Remmembering their first interview Sakaki feels a chill trough his spine. Carefully he makes an atempt to step away from the champion but is interupted by Basil's speech.

Basil Blackheart: But you are right about one thing, little man, I am a champion. This little piece of jewelry serves as a badge, so you can all see it and remmember that I am serving the Queen. I am recognised as the only combatant worthy of her commands. This serves as a constant reminder to anyone that I am the strongest here, thats why the Queen choose me to serve her.

A quiet moment follows as Sakaki finds it hard to find out how to continue the interview. The silence is broken by Sakuya and a few of her guards. As the girls were passing by the pit, Sakuya was handing them orders. They passed behind Blackheart and Sakaki and continued on their way not noticing the two men. On the other hand it was obvious Blackheart had noticed them, as he was now facing their direction. Trying to get the champions attention Sakaki asked the first question that came to his mind.

Sakaki: So you are saying you are stronger than the other champions?

Basil Blackheart: Scurry weakling!

The armored man pushed Sakaki out of his way and with a fast step followed the women. Losing the interviewer of its sight the camera followed Basil.

Basil Blackheart: Mistress Sakuya!

The three guards with Sakuya immediately turned around and formed a body wall between Blackheart and their leader. Hearing the combatant call her out Sakuya also turned around and stopped her gaze on the kneeling Blackheart.

Sakuya: What do you want, champion?

Her last word came out with such a tone, as if she was mocking the man. Blackheart stood up on his feet and gazed right back at the Queen's rsecond in comand. For a first time today his face was not covered by the sense of disgust but was showing admiration.

Basil Blackheart: I just wanted to speak out my admiration of what you did to that weekling Keele. You are indeed worthy of being the Queen's second in comand, my mistress.

Sakuya's face was revealing scepticism. She was not at all impressed by Blackheart's words.

Sakuya: Is that all?

Disappointed with her attitude Blackheart answered:

Basil Blackheart: And I wanted to tell you as I'm but a servant to the Queen, I aswell serve you. So feel free to use my services whenever you wish,my lady.

Sakuya: Your services are uneeded, "champion". Now quit wasting my time and go back where you belong - in your cell.

A little smile appeared on Blackheart's face as he bowed infront of Sakuya.

Basil Blackheart: As you wish, my mistress.

Blackheart turned around and walked away, leaving the frame. Sakuya, followed by her guards took her leave aswell. Poor Sakaki appeared on screen as he was making his way back on his feet. Confused he looked around to find there was noone around. Professionaly he stared at the camera as if everything happened as he had planned and spoke his closing words.

Sakaki: There you have it, our Queen's Blood Shield champion's first words live since his victory on surgical bleedout.

Steadily the scene faded to black.

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