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A Meeting of Mercenaries

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A Meeting of Mercenaries

Post by The Mark on Sat Aug 17, 2013 10:32 am

Laura is quietly roaming the halls, humming a tune as she walks.

She continues for a moment before stopping at an etched 'M' on the wall and stares at it for a moment.

Laura: The queen needs to reconsider her interior decorating.

As she turns to go, she notices a shift in the shadows and pulls out a knife.

Laura: Come out! I won't break all of your limbs if you surrender quietly.

The Mark steps from the shadows and pulls out his own knife.

The Mark: Put away your toy, I don't want to fight another respectable mercenary, unless I've been paid to do so, of course.

Laura: Don't even try to intimidate me. Unlike you, I don't hide in the shadows like a coward!

The Mark puts his knife away.

The Mark: I hide because if I'm seen, then how can you capture the surprise on their face as you slit their throats?

Laura puts her knife away as well.

Laura: So why the approach?

The Mark gives a small chuckle.

The Mark: You are the one standing in my negotiation area. Although, thanks to becoming stuck here, I'm forced to start over with my career choice. What was once the most notable and respected mark in the city has now become just a letter.

The Mark steps closer to Laura.

The Mark: Which is where you come in. You have a bit of respect and notability here, along with your current... relationship with a Ms. Airi, its the boost in marketability I need.

Laura: If you're looking to fight, you have a crazy way of asking for it.

The Mark: No fights, but a partnership. With your technical prowess alongside my own precise and devastating strength, no one in this entire realm of existence could touch us.

Laura: Forget it, I've worked alone for all of my life and I won't be changing anytime soon. I don't need you.

The Mark: Perhaps. But, you can agree or not, I will become stronger and more ferocious as the days come. If we aren't partners, then we're competitors. And where I'm from, competition is a very sticky matter. A dark, red, and often brutal, sticky matter.

The Mark holds out his hand.

The Mark: So, Ms. Laura Kinney, shall we both team together as business partners? Or would you prefer to walk away and never see me again, unless it involves your demise?

Laura furrows her brow, frustrated that some man would be so confident that she would balk under his threats.

Laura: The only way that you'll make me partner with you is to prove just how great you are. And considering that all you've been is talk, I'd much rather take you out first in a fight!

The Mark shrugs his shoulders.

The Mark: Then it's an agreement. If I win our fight, then you and I can become business partners. If I should lose, then whatever fate will fall on me will be handled by yourself.

Before Laura can object, The Mark disappears into the darkness again.

Laura goes to chase him, but can't see where he went.

The Mark: A pleasure to talk with you, Ms. Laura Kinney.

Laura continues to stand in the darkness for a moment before continuing on her way.
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