Queen's Blade Championship
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The Tournament Opening

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The Tournament Opening

Post by @Magnum on Sat Aug 17, 2013 2:14 pm

Nanael: Hello everyone and welcome to the tournament part of show two here in the QBC. I am Nanael and we have an excellent show lined up for you tonight.
Airi: Umm aren't you forgetting something.
Nanael: My apologies I'm joined by my colleage as always Airi.
Airi: Damn right you better say my name since I have to sit next to your ass every week. I carry this commentary.
Nanael: If you say so. Anyways we have a great show featuring two great matches. A tag match Dogpyle and Vicious Wolf vs. Omar Buchanon and Damian Dracor.
Airi: What a mix match team of Omar and Damian I doubt they can work together.
Nanael: We shall see. Our QBC champion is also in action in the main event match of the evening.
Airi: Of course I'm going with the champion in that match.
Nanael: Besides those two great matches we have much more planned for tonight as Magnum speaks out about what happened last week after his match.
Airi: I can't wait to hear from our Blood Champion and see what kind of shape he is in and what he has in store for the coward who attacked him.
Nanael: Me too and much more as always we keep you entertained each and every week .This is the QBC tournament where everything goes and anything can happen so stay tuned.

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