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Amoni/Kataonia RP

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Amoni/Kataonia RP

Post by Sephira on Mon Aug 19, 2013 6:06 am

The camera cuts to the Pits as a long haired women can be seen skipping along the corridors with a bright smile on her face, waving to combatants as she goes. As she heads towards the food halls, she trips and accidentally knocks into someone.

Katatonia: Hey watch it will you! It took me forever to get my hair like this!

The women bows and apologizes.

Amoni: I’m sorry… Oh, I don’t think we have met! My name is Amoni, it’s a pleasure to meet you!

Katatonia stands in shock; such behavior is not common in the Pits and standing before someone who showed different then sadism and rage came to quite a surprise.

Katatonia: Did you hit your head? Nobody speaks like that here!

Amoni smiles and giggles lightly.

Amoni: Oh, I’m just so happy today, I didn’t mean to confuse you.

Amoni bows before skipping off. Katatonia stands confused, before calling her back.

Kataonia: Wait a moment. Aren’t you booked to fight later tonight?

Amoni turns and smiles, placing her hand at the back of her head; her facial expression turning to one of embarrassment.

Amoni: Well yes, sort of…

Kataonia’s expression changes to one of bemusement. She places her hands against her hips, a smirk across her face as she shakes her head.

Katatonia: I see. Well, in that case I’ll see you in the arena later!

Katatonia turns and walks off, her hand against her face as a look of embarrassment can be seen, knowing that she has to fight against Amoni. The camera turns back, showing Amoni standing with a blank expression, before fading out.
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