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Magnum vs Kyousuke Minawa ( Commentary and ending added)

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Magnum vs Kyousuke Minawa ( Commentary and ending added)

Post by Sephira on Mon Aug 19, 2013 9:37 am

Nanael: Airi this here is a match that we have been waiting to see after week one when Magnum was brutally beaten down after his match by Kyousuke Minawa. It's a payback match and of course as usual Magnum has vowed to win.
Airi: As usual? As usual you are a little twit. When Magnum says he will win it means he will win. When Magnum says there will be payback there will be payback. Magnum doesn't just talk he backs up his words and mark my words Nanael he will win tonight.
Nanael: We will see as the match is set to begin.

Magnum gains the initiative exploiting his quickness!!
Magnum open his arms
and hits Kyousuke Minawa on the face with the palms of the hands performing a light Mongolian Chop!!
Magnum turns giving his shouldres to the adversary
Kyousuke Minawa eludes the attempt of a Mule Kick and he takes back the initiative
Kyousuke Minawa grapples his opponent's head from behind, putting it around his right arm
and then grabs his own left arm's biceps, shutting off his opponent's jugular vein, connecting with a light Sleeper Hold!!
Kyousuke Minawa keeps his ruthless submission hold
Magnum escapes from the hold
Magnum quickly gets up and counterattacks!
Magnum gets ready to hit Kyousuke Minawa
and raises his arm rapidly hitting with the forearm Kyousuke Minawa's jaw performing an light European Uppercut!!
Magnum hurls the leg preparing the blow
and hits him on the face with a strong Roundhouse Kick!!
Magnum gets to his opponent's side and ties round his chest with an arm
Kyousuke Minawa quickly avoids the Complete Shot DDT and gains the initiative
Kyousuke Minawa lifts the right hand
and grabs the adversary's jaw tightening it in a light Mandible Claw!!
Kyousuke Minawa keeps his ruthless submission hold
Kyousuke Minawa keeps his weak submission hold
Kyousuke Minawa releases his grasp

Nanael: Minawa with the nice submission maneuver right there. So far Magnum unable to do much damage.
Airi: Just wait and see Nanael, gosh you are more impatient than a 6 week year old baby wanting its mother's milk.
Nanael: Damn you Airi you can never be civil.
Airi: Call the match.

Kyousuke Minawa grabs the opponent's legs
Magnum kicks the opponent, preventing a Boston Crab
Magnum gets close to his opponentl and jumps
to hit him with the fist executing a violent Fist Drop!!
Magnum grabs Kyousuke Minawa's hair
Magnum grabs one Kyousuke Minawa's arms and spins, swinging him into the ropes, then lunges himself as well
Magnum runs towards his rival
grabbing his head they both whirl before falling to the ground with light Flipping Face Slam!!
Magnum pulls Kyousuke Minawa still groggy, by his hair
Magnum hangs up to his opponent's back
and then he pulls him down to hit a powerful Kneeling Back Breaker!!

Nanael: Finally Magnum our Blood Champion building some momentum in this match where he vowed he would win, redemption for what happened week one.
Airi: Redemption, its going to be destruction you wait and see.

Magnum jumps on the top turnbuckle
Kyousuke Minawa suddenly shifts dodging the Diving Knee Drop, taking the initiative
Kyousuke Minawa grabs Magnum's ankle
twisting it in an irregular way executing an light Ankle Lock!!
Kyousuke Minawa keeps his ruthless submission hold
Magnum escapes from the hold
Magnum quickly gets up and counterattacks!
Magnum opens wide his arms
Kyousuke Minawa moves to the side and he avoids a Mongolian Chop, taking back the initiative
Kyousuke Minawa prepares to hit the rival
and strikes him with his forearm executing a light Forearm Smash!!
Kyousuke Minawa lifts the hand preparing to attack
Magnum eludes the adversary's Mandible Claw , taking back the initiative
Magnum lifts his opponent over the shoulders in a horizontal position
and performs a somersault onwards, slamming him on the ground connecting with a Fantastic Steam Roller!!
Magnum grabs Kyousuke Minawa's hair
Magnum grabs one Kyousuke Minawa's arms and spins, swinging him into the ropes, then lunges himself as well
Magnum spins as he gets close to his opponent
Kyousuke Minawa ducks and dodges a Spinning Wheel Kick, retaking the initative
Kyousuke Minawa grabs Magnum's ankle
twisting the foot executing an strong Ankle Lock!!
Kyousuke Minawa keeps his ruthless submission hold
Kyousuke Minawa keeps his ruthless submission hold
Kyousuke Minawa releases his grasp

Nanael: Minawa with an Ankle Lock and kept the ruthless hold on for a good few seconds but finally releases his grip. He is trying to weaken Magnum, maybe prevent him from doing some high risk maneuvers or his finishers which require the use of his ankle.
Airi: Every move requires the use of your ankles you idiot.
Nanael: Again with the name calling.

Kyousuke Minawa crosses in a figure 4 the opponent's legs who's laying prone on the mat
Magnum easily avoids a Reverse Figure 4, taking the initiative
Magnum bends his opponent's arm behind his back while he's laying on the mat
then he twists them in an unnatural way performing a light Chicken Wing!!
Magnum keeps his weak submission hold
Kyousuke Minawa reaches for a rope and grabs it!!
Magnum releases his grasp
Magnum grabs Kyousuke Minawa's hair
Magnum lunges himself on the ropes
Magnum runs toward Kyousuke Minawa
and hooks his arm driving him down to the ground, performing a strong Running Arm Drag!!
Magnum climbs quickly on the turnbuckle, jumping backwards
landing on Kyousuke Minawa with a Fantastic Moonsault!!

Nanael: Moonsault by Magnum and this can do it folks hes going for the cover.

Magnum tries a pinning maneuver
Referee starts counting...
Airi: I told you he would.
Magnum is seen celebrating holding his belt up with a mixed reaction from the crowd. He then stares down at his opponent who he had just beaten and goes over to the ring announcer and asks for a mic.

Magnum: Oh you can boo you can cheer I don't give a damn what you idiots do. Most of the crowd begins to boo. I said I would get my revenge on this little twerp and I did and you know what I did it clean.
Nanael: This is true there were no weapons involved in this match.
Airi: Shut up he is still talking.
Magnum: But clean ain't my style ya know I mean this dude put me in the medic center so maybe just maybe that's where I should put him, I mean come on pauses a moonsault put him down and out how about a few skull crushers and some powerbombs to hell, that would do some damage

The whole crowd boos as Magnum picks up Minawa on his shoulders and slams him down on the mat executing a Legendary Powerbomb To Hell

Nanael: A powerbomb to hell from Magnum and Minawa isn't moving. You won Magnum you proved you better now be the better man and let this poor kid live.
Airi: This coming from the same person who thought what Minawa did deserved punishment and now you think Magnum should stop, you are so crazy.
Magnum: That is just one but before I continue I must introduce you to someone. Someone who was by my side this whole way after my attack, someone who helped me rehab and prepare for this match, someone who I look as my friend and by the way he is my new manager. So Damian come down to the ring man.
Damian Dracor comes out from a portal and enters the ring to a loud smattering of boos from the fans

Nanael: This is big news. Damian Dracor and Magnum teaming up? They had a feud last season in which we saw Damian lose to Magnum for the Blood Championship and now they are friends?
Airi: Hey things happen Nanael, Magnum said Dracor was there for him, where were you?
Magnum: Damian come over here. Magnum puts his hands over Dracor's shoulders. This man and I had our differences in the past but now we have come together and have formed a mutual respect for one another.
Damian Draocr grabs a mic as the crowd begins to boo even more. Minawa is seen trying to crawl out of the ring but before he can Magnum grabs him by the legs lifts him up again on top of his shoulders and slams him to the mat for another legendary powerbomb to hell.
Damian Dracor: Well done Magnum don't let that peasant leave just yet. It is I Damian Dracor who went to Magnum and told him to put our differences aside this is business. I told him I wanted to be his manager and his friend at the same time. I told him by my side he will never lose his championship nor another match again.
Magnum: This is all true people he did promise me those things and I was a little hesitant at first since I did kick his ass at last years pay-per-view.
Damian Dracor: Let's not relive that haha. But let's be real if you can't beat them then join them.
Dracor and Magnum laugh it up in the ring while the crowd chants you suck
Nanael: Well Magnum sure knows how to treat our fans.
Airi: No they just don't know how to treat him with the respect he deserves.
Nanael: This is huge news with Dracor as Magnum's manager who knows what could happen.
Magnum: Now then I'm done with this kid take him to the medics where he can recover and you can feed him to Chirs or Basil or even the Queen her self I don't care because I'm moving on with my new manager Dracor and my nice shiny QBC Blood Championship, Anything to add Damian?
Damian Dracor: Comment as you see fit!
Magnum: Hey pauses that's my line haha. Now Comment pauses as the crowd chants with him as you see fit! Magnum drops the mic and the crowd boos as he and Damian make their way out of the ring.
Nanael: This is unreal I am speechless.
Airi: Thank you Magnum thank you so much for shutting her mouth.
Nanael: Two enemies teaming up to form a team is something to watch out for especially two tough competitors like Magnum and Dracor.
Airi: Damn I thought you were speechless.
Nanael: Folks we might be witnessing the beginning of an era, the Magnum-Dracor era where Dracor has now been named our Blood Champion's manager.
Airi: I didn't even think Magnum needed a manager but hey with a guy like Dracor on his side he has nothing to lose.
Nanael: Nothing to lose indeed. Everyone stay tuned we have much more to come here in the tournament. This is Queens Blood Championship, love us or hate us you are watching us! Much more to come!

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