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Gyalin's interview takes a turn.

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Gyalin's interview takes a turn.

Post by Guest on Tue Aug 20, 2013 7:48 am

The scene now shows Sakaki standing next to Gyalin Reece infront of a red wall, Sakaki is dressed in a suit and is holding a microphone, Gyalin is dressed in wrestling attire, they both have a huge smile on their faces as they both stare into the camera. Sakaki raises his mouth to the microphone and starts speaking.

Sakaki: Ladies and gentlemen I am here with our number 1 contender for the blade championship, Gyalin Reece...so Gyalin, tell us all, how does it feel?

Sakaki extends his arm to put the microphone to Gyalin's mouth

Gyalin: Well Sakaki, it depends on what you mean, it sure as hell does not feel good to be stuck in some freaky alter-reality, nor does it feel that good to be stuck in a filthy cell all the time...but we do what we can to adapt to our situation, ya know? And the best way to do that here is to become the champion...you saw how the champion is treated, you know what I am talking about, so I just beat him and became the number one contender, and I assure you, I can beat him again...so to answer your question, THAT feels good.

Sakaki puts the microphone back to his own mouth.

Sakaki: I see I see, but the question on everybody's mind, Gyalin, is aren't you worried?

Sakaki extends his arm and puts the mic to Gyalin's mouth

Gyalin Reece: Ofcourse not! I already beat this bully, I can do it again! I pinned him, 1...2...thr--

Just as Gyalin was about to finish his statement, Chris Hunt, Dogpyle, and Vicious Wolf show up. Chris Hunt is dressed in his usual clothes, has his Blade title around his waist, and doesn't look to happy about the comments Gyalin was making, and the same can be said about Dogpyle and Vicious Wolf. Gyalin looks somewhat worried about them showing up, yet not very surprised, Sakaki ran away before even reacting.

Chris, Dogpyle, and Wolf start to walk around Gyalin in circles, staring him dead in the eye, he looks around to avoid being hit in the back and raises his fists to take a fighting stance, preparing for what may come his way. They suddenly stop in their places, and stand around him, each of them in a different side.

Dogpyle: Relax kid, we aren't here to destroy you, that's not the time for it now.

Chris Hunt: Nope, but your time will come..just like Walking Dead, you think it's a  coincidence your cell is right next to his? No, I'm the champion, I made it happen...I wanted you to see what I can do. 

Chris Hunt takes a few steps towards Gyalin, Gyalin cowers back just a bit but then moves forward, the size difference can be seen clearly now, Gyalin has to tilt his neck almost all the way up to look Chris in the eyes. 

Chris Hunt: Look at me kid...look at me, do you really think you could beat me? Are you that delusional? I warned you when you came, but now it's too late, you're gonna end up just like that poor ''Walking Dead'' character.

Gyalin Reece smiles

Gyalin Reece: But I already beat you.

Chris angrily lunges at Gyalin but Dogpyle and Vicious Wolf react quickly by holding him back before any contact can be made, while Gyalin does not move a muscle. As Wolf and Dogpyle  aggressively drag the raging Chris Hunt back, Vicious Wolf can be heard trying to say something to Chris

Vicious Wolf: Damn it..Chris!! Not..now...stick..to the plan!!!

The camera slowly zooms in to Gyalin's reece

Gyalin: Plan...?

Gyalin's facial expression changes from happy and confident to worried as the camera slowly fades to black


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