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Yet another argument angle.

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Yet another argument angle.

Post by Guest on Wed Aug 21, 2013 5:17 am

The camera turns to the familiar cell of the Blade champion, Chris Hunt, and his good friends Vicious Wolf and Dogpyle. Inside the filthy, dim lighted cell, Dogpyle and Vicious Wolf are seated on the couch while Chris Hunt is sitting on a steal chair and their goblin slave Stone is standing in the corner as instructed, they all look pissed off.

Chris Hunt: Still doesn't explain why the hell you weren't out there!!

Dogpyle leans forward and replies with the same agressive tone

Dogpyle: We didn't think you would lose damn it! How could you let someone like that get a win over you!? Look at you! You're a giant! You're the damn champion!! He's nothing!

Chris Hunt suddenly stands up and kicks the small coffee table that was next to him, causing it to fall down, then turns to Dogpyle and replies in a deep voice using the same angry, aggressive tone

Chris Hunt: Things go wrong, Dogpyle! People mess up, some people fluke, how can I not count you to have my back if that happens?!

Vicious Wolf, he was calm throughout the whole thing suddenly speaks in a much softer tone, in contrast to that of the two raging ticking bombs infront of him ofcourse.

Vicious Wolf: Well Chris, where were you during our match? That puny janitor was there to help, where the hell were you?

Vicious Wolf remains relaxed, he calmly rests his back to the couch, and before Chris can respond, a breeze drifts through the chilly cell, making the slightest of noises, it interrupted Chris for a second which allowed him to calm down a bit, toning it down from a shouting, angry tone to just an angry tone.

Chris Hunt: You didn't need help in your match though! You had it won after a few minutes, all that stupid janitor did is save you a few more minutes, and you know it...which brings us to another point.

Chris shifts his gaze from Vicious Wolf to Dogpyle, who was calmer now.

Chris Hunt: Which brings up another point, what the hell are you doing with that weak cleanining boy?

Dogpyle takes a deep breath while shifting his gaze from Chris to Wolf, as he normally does when he tries to speak some sense in an argument and end it.

Dogpyle: Look, these stupid arguments and petty accusations get us nowhere,  you're right Chris, we should have been there, but nothing happened, you're still the champion, and you will always be the champion, and we'll make it up tonight, it's not like that fluke can happen again anyway....

Chris Hunt smiles, Dogpyle and Vicious Wolf can be seen smiling now, they know that they succeeded at appealing to his ego again. Vicious Wolf, still sitting on the couch with his back leaning back, as relaxed as can be, opens his mouth to speak.

Vicious Wolf: What now?

Dogpyle smiles deviously

Dogpyle: Now, we plan....

They all laugh deviously as the camera slowly fades to black


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