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Molten City

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Molten City

Post by Sephira on Wed Aug 21, 2013 5:58 am

The camera turns to the deep underground the Coliseum; far below the dungeons where the volcanic flows can be found in a man made style volcano, constantly glowing in the wake of heat and presence of constantly flowing lava. A factory of sort you could say, where various machinery lie, constantly churning various productions used in the realm; fed by molten lava that flows from the rocks, directly into huge chamber pots beneath large railings and buildings.

The area much like a city, riddled with thousands of Guard’s training and producing; testing, maintaining. Lilynette, the Queen would often visit, to see the advancement of projects and weaponry; as well as re-production of elements that can be used in the Tournament. Recently however, she was eager to check up on her latest design, one that would be used in the upcoming Pay Per View, a signal for its name and the advancement in the elements of Hardcore.

As she watches above, glaring over the bars of the walkways, staring below as molten lava flows continually along special pipes, splitting of into many sections, each feeding into new area’s, into various pots and gateways. A Guard approaches her from the distance, carrying a piece of Steel, wrapped in sharp wire; her hands covered in tough material to avoid being cut from the object as her face beams brightly as she taps the object in her hand repeatedly.

To be continued…
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