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Lilynette & The Guard's have some fun

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Lilynette & The Guard's have some fun

Post by Sephira on Fri Aug 23, 2013 2:56 am

Lilynette can be seen sitting across the food court, surrounded by female guard's as she eyes up Itasu in the distance. She crosses her legs and places her arm on the table, resting her elbow as she places her head in the palm of her hand, licking her lips and she taps her fingers along the table.

She turns towards the Guard and smiles.

Lilynette: Let's say we have a little fun?

The Guard nods and approaches Itasu in the distance. They begin to have a small conversation before the Guard grabs Itasu by the arm and drags him towards Lilynette. As they approach Lilynette switches position, placing both feet firmly on the ground with her legs together. She wriggles her finger towards Itasu in the distance as he approaches.

As he stands before her, she grabs him by the arm and forces him onto her knees, placing her hand against his back and shushing him before he can say a word. The female guard's look on amused as Lilynette tilts her head towards his ear and begins to whisper.

Lilynette: I hear you have a match tonight... I just wanted to personlly wish you good luck...

Lilynette places her hand against Itasu's chest and slowly glides her fingers across continually. She begins to slowly breath against his neck, causing Itasu to freeze as she tilts her head towards his ear again.

Lilynette: I know... you will do very well to please your queen...

The Guards approach Itasu as Lilynette holds him in her lap, a female guard stands side by side and slowly crouch down and kiss him on the cheek. As they both release there kiss they both stroke his cheek before standing to their feet.

Lilynette smiles and places her finger against Itasu's lips and turns his head towards her; he eyes piercing into his own.

Lilynette: But... if you don't, the consequences will be very very serious...

She leans in and kisses Itasu's lip. His body begins to tighten as she maintains her lips on his own; a slightly wimper of pain can be heard as his very body begins to break. Lilynette slides her hand down Itasu's clothing, her fingers touching his bare flesh, leaving an extreme burning sensation in its wake. Itasu trys to break out of her grasp, but Lilynette just grabs her hand and holds it in her own.

The Guard's approach Itasu as one crouches down and whispers in his ear.

Guard: We know you'll do well. You don't plan on disappointing Lilynette do you?

The Guard strokes his cheek as Lilynette releases her kiss. The Guard's pull Itasu up from her lap and drag him away as Lilynette look's on. She let's out a smile and turns towards one of the remaining female guards.

Lilynette: Do you think he got the message?

Lilynette giggles as the Guard nods before standing to her feet.

Lilynette: Come, it's time we go find out the progress of my latest project.

The camera begins to fade as Lilynette and the Guard's walk off.
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