Queen's Blade Championship
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The Tournaments Opening

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The Tournaments Opening

Post by @Magnum on Fri Aug 23, 2013 1:22 pm

Nanael: Hello everybody and welcome to the Tournament portion of the QBC. Love us, hate us, it doesn't matter because here in the tournament we shine and we have a great show for you guys tonight.
Airi: That is correct we here some lame commentary from Nanael and some awesome one liners from moi.
Nanael: Of course Airi starting already but we do have plenty of great things packed in for this show tonight but I will not spoil anything as you all must stay and watch because trust me you don't want to miss anything here tonight.
Airi: Except your commentary.
Nanael: Haha Airi you are so damn funny. Anyways everyone please stay with us as we have an amazing show for you all tonight and it all starts next.

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