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Bounties on the Bounty Hunters

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Bounties on the Bounty Hunters

Post by The Mark on Sat Aug 24, 2013 9:51 am

Sakuya is being relaxed by some of the female guards, her head hung down as some massage her shoulders and others calming her with positive words of encouragement.

Sakaki cautiously approaches Sakuya, unsure of how she will react.

Sakaki: S...Sakuya?

Sakuya raises her head, its clear she's just now calmed down and stands up to address Sakaki.

Sakaki: Can you give your thoughts on this challenge that The Mark and Laura Kinney have issued you?

Sakuya crosses her arms and gives a smile.

Sakuya: It's rather simple, all I'll be doing is my job. As I've been made aware, The Mark and Laura have never returned to their designated cells after my... upsetting outburst.

Sakuya continues, a shine of evil in her eyes.

Sakuya: That means I'm dealing with prison escapees. They'll be forcing me to use excessive force to take them down.

Sakuya then grins, the shimmer of evil in her eyes still present.

Sakuya: The Mark and Laura were also foolish enough to allow me assistance in their capture. With any of these guards behind me, both of them would be in their own realm of pain... but I know who would greatly assist me far better then any of these women behind me. I'm sure with little convincing, she and I will give the people a grand bloodbath.

Sakuya prepares to leave, but turns at the last second.

Sakuya: Oh, and if anyone can capture and bring either The Mark or Laura Kinney to me, they will be rewarded with extra rations and better cell conditions for the rest of their federation contract.

Sakuya turns away from Sakaki and snaps her fingers to the guards to fall in and follow her.
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