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Blood like Water (Sakuya)

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Blood like Water (Sakuya)

Post by Sephira on Mon Aug 26, 2013 8:05 am

The Camera cuts to the Pit’s as Two Male Guards and a Female Guard are seen standing together, discussing quietly.

Male Guard 1: So is It true? You know, about the cell being splattered in blood?

Male Guard 2: You idiot, don’t speak too loud! You don’t want combatants catching word of this? Could you imagine how much problems this could cause for us?

Female Guard: Problem? Oh, you mean you guy’s having to deal with Sakuya when she finds out…

Suddenly a cracking sound can be heard; as they turn around they see Sakuya leaning against a wall, holding a crack glass dish in her hand. Inside the dish, colorful sand can be found, slowly seeping through the cracks. Before the Guard’s could enquire, Sakuya quickly stands up and begins to speak.

Sakuya: Find out what? That one of you will be digging a 6 foot grave while the rest of you pick yourselves a coffin? I do hope you boys are keeping your dirty finger’s off my Guard’s.

Sakuya smirks and places the cracked dish into the top of her clothing, concealing it as she slowly begins to run her fingers down her cheek, her eyes showing a red glow.

Sakuya: I don’t want to have to… deal the consequences if you have been doing thing’s you should not be…

Sakuya walk’s behind the Female Guard and places her hands on the Guard’s shoulder’s, slowly digging her finger’s into the Guard’s flesh.

Sakuya: Or… what if she would deal the punishment…

The Female Guard gasps as her heart begins to race. Sakuya tilt’s her head to the side and whispers into the Guard’s ear.

Sakuya: Just think… those two’s blood running between your finger’s…

Sakuya pauses and smiles at the Guards as the Female Guard stands stunned before continuing.

Sakuya: Or… if you’re like me, you may prefer those delicate skulls turned into dust under your boots… So what’ll be…

The Female Guard begins to stutter and sweat as Sakuya digs her nails into the Guard’s flesh. The two Male Guards stand in shock, unable to move out of fear that Sakuya may prevent them.

Female Guard: I… I would ask… that I do not dirty neither my hands nor my boots if I may…

Sakuya removes her hands from the Guard’s shoulder and walks towards the Male Guard’s with a evil smile. She positions herself behind them, before kicking both of their knees out, causing them both to fall to their knees.

Sakuya: That’s a good pair of little pets. How… disappointing that my own Guard, chooses not to bathe herself in the flowing liquid that resides in your disgusting, pathetic being. Oh, how I could just use your juices to shower myself after such… a long and tiring day of keeping those little insects they call Combatants in line.

Sakuya leans in close, placing her hand on one of the Guard’s jaw as the Female Guard looks on.

Sakuya: But… I myself, have better tasks to be at hand… although, I can’t deny how much I would love to just… smash you both into the nothingness that you are…

Sakuya dig’s her finger’s into the Guard’s flesh and slowly pulls her hand down, cutting the Guard open. Her finger’s wet with blood, she pushes the Guard’s aside and slowly places her finger’s against her skin. Her breathing begins to slow as the blood slowly soaks into her skin as the Guard’s look on horror.

Sakuya: Oh if only I had more time to spend here… I could just indulge myself in so much more…

Suddenly a Portal opens up before her.

Sakuya: But first, I must deal with a little pest who is sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong. Don’t be dying on my anytime soon my pet’s…

Sakuya begins to step into the portal, turning back and smirking at the Guards.

Sakuya: Because I may want to bathe myself in something more… thicker and colorful then Water…

Sakuya begins to let out an evil laugh as she steps fully through the Portal. As the Portal closes the Guards can be seen standing in complete horror.
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