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Party With The Devil (Azuray/Lilith)

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Party With The Devil (Azuray/Lilith)

Post by Sephira on Tue Aug 27, 2013 10:27 am

The Camera turns to the ring, as a flash blinds the Crowd. Suddenly the sound of *insert song* can be heard around the arena. As the blind light slowly dims, Azuray can be seen walking down the titontron, shaking her hips and blowing kisses to the fans. As she makes her way to the Arena she stops and seductively bends down before the camera, blowing a kiss directly at the Camera, causing it to momentarily fall to the floor and black out, before switching. As she slides into the ring she stops half way, laying on her stomach she begins to kick her legs in the air and wriggle her finger at a Crowd member who suddenly feints.

Nanael: Azuray making her way to the ring here for some diva's action, making some umm very...

Airi: Sexy actions as she makes her way to the ring Nanael, what are you afraid to say sexy?

Nanael: I just find it to be unprofessional.

Airi: You are such a prude.

As she slides fully into the ring, the referee hands her a Microphone. As she hands to Microphone over, Azuray places her hand on her hip and flicks her hair back before tilting her head and putting the Microphone to her lips.

Nanael: Well we are finally going to here from Azuray. This should be good.

Airi: Then shut up and listen.

Azuray: Well hello fans of QBC… I do hope you’re enjoying yourself so far tonight.

Azuray slowly strokes her hand her side her chest and winks at the Crowd before resuming.

Nanael: She really needs to stop with these sexual gestures.

Airi: Wow you actually said sexual, I give you some, umm nevermind.

Azuray: We’ve got an extra special surprise for you all tonight… since it’s the last week before the delicious Pay Per View… we figured you all need cooling off a little first…

She wriggles her finger towards the Titontron as several female guards all wearing white costumes begin to walk down the ramp, waving and winking at the crowd as they go.

Nanael: I wonder what she means by that?

Azuray: We figured… since you’re all such loyal people to the Queen, we’d treat you with a little action too…

The Guard’s slide their arms under the Arena, pulling out a hose each. They begin to walk to the corner and position themselves against the turnbuckle. The lights suddenly dim and change colour as the sound of Tetrix Bass Feat. Veela - The Light begins to play around the arena.

Suddenly the hoses begin to kick in, as white liquid foam begins to spray out, showing the crowds as Azuray begins to seductively dance. As the Music beat’s, flame suddenly begin to blast out of the turnbuckles in the rhythm of the music.

Azuray places her hands on her chest, slowly sliding her finger’s along her sides. As she slides her finger’s back up, she places her hand against the buckle of her costume, slowly prying it apart, exposing a tied knot that holds her clothing over her flesh. She places her finger against her lips, exposing her sharp teeth as she begins to stroke the knot.

Nanael: Jeez this woman is crazy that is enough someone needs to stop this now. This is not professional at all.

Airi: I love it spray me spray me.

Nanael: I figured you would enjoy it.

Suddenly, Lilith Dragon appears at the top of the Titontron, catching the attention of Azuray. She picks the Microphone up and slowly walks towards to rope, clicking her fingers, causing the music and the hoses to stop.

Azuray: Well, look who came to join the party. Are you going to entertain this crowd too Lilith? Not that you could, I mean… it’s not like you have any… assets on you. Oh don’t get me wrong, I’m sure many would just love to get their hands on you…

Azuray begins to laugh, before pointing at Lilith.

Azuray: By many I mean desperate bums looking for an easy kick! Not like me, I keep it classy; only the best right here.

Lilith let’s out a slight smirk, if almost a feint chuckle. Azuray looks on annoyed.

Azuray: What’s that? Cat got your tongue darling? Not like you know any other words other then Yes Mistress right Lilith? An ex Guard like you, a boot licker. I bet you’ve Sakuya’s very toes in your mouth, because that’s what you Guard’s do don’t you? Kiss her feet and say Yes Mistress to her every demand.

Lilith begins to look on in disgust as she starts to slowly walk towards the ring, cracking her neck as she goes.

Azuray: Oh you want to fight do you? Come on then, I’ll show you what real women fight like. Maybe after you can kiss my feet too like the good little slave girl you are.

Nanael: Strong words from Azuray and a very interesting and unprofessional entrance but nevertheless we have divas action next and its Lilith going up against Azuray.

Airi: I hope there is more foam that was awesome.

Nanael: I really hope Lilith teaches this naughty girl a lesson.

Airi: I really hope you grow up and stop being a prude. When was the last time you got....

Nanael: And we will be right back folks.
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