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Short Magnum pre match rp

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Short Magnum pre match rp

Post by @Magnum on Thu Aug 29, 2013 5:38 am

Youngin on his grind begins to play around the arena as the QBC Blood Champion Magnum with Damian Dracor make their way to the ring to an eruption of boos from the crowd.

Nanael: Well here comes the QBC Blood Champion Magnum with his manager Damian Dracor. I wonder what they have to say.
Airi: Does it matter what they have to say we are blessed to see them out here finally a real competitor in Magnum to come out here and speak to these morons.
Nanael: They are in the ring let’s listen.

The crowd boos as Magnum grabs a mic.

Magnum: Damian and I are out here just to say a few words, well since that’s all you idiots deserve.
Damian: That’s right.
Magnum: Let me do the talking Damian. Tonight you fans are going to see a great match. I mean this match is a special match as I finally get some real competition tonight. Tonight it will be the Shield Champion Basil Blackheart versus the Blood Champion Magnum.

The crowd cheers in excitement.

Nanael: Wow we are going to have a champion versus champion match tonight.
Airi: That should be awesome.

Magnum: That’s right the first ever champion versus champion match here in the QBC and you lot are all lucky to get to witness it. Witness as I destroy Basil and continue to prove why I am the greatest here in the QBC.

The crowd boos.

Nanael: Magnum might be right but he is forgetting about our QBC Champion Chris Hunt. Now he is our true champion maybe Magnum should face him.
Airi: Are you downgrading Basil and Magnum as weak champions Nanael?
Nanael: No I am just saying if Magnum says hes the best then why not face the best. Basil is a great champion and so is Magnum but Chris is our face of this federation and if Magnum wants to be the greatest he will one day have to face the greatest.

Magnum: Basil Blackheart watch out because I am going to kick the living daylights out of you, you can bet on that. Damian you may say it now.
Damian: Comment as you see fit!

Magnum and Damian make their way out of the ring and up the ramp as the crowd boos.

Nanael: Short and sweet from Magnum. Champion versus Champion here tonight folks. Stay tuned for the greatest action you will ever see.
Airi: Haters hate lovers love but if you are watching us you witness greatness every week.
Nanael: Couldn’t have said it myself Airi. We will be back in a moment.

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