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Molten City Part II

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Molten City Part II

Post by Sephira on Sat Aug 31, 2013 1:51 am

The camera turns to the deep underground the Coliseum; far below the dungeons where the volcanic flows can be found in a man made style volcano, constantly glowing in the wake of heat and presence of constantly flowing lava. A factory of sort you could say, where various machinery lie, constantly churning various productions used in the realm; fed by molten lava that flows from the rocks, directly into huge chamber pots beneath large railings and buildings.

Lilynette and a Guard can be seen as the Guard slowly taps a razor wired wrapped steel bar in her gloved hands. As Lilynette begins to smirk deviantly, the Guard stops tapping and begins to strum her finger's along the wire while turning towards Lilynette.

Guard: The process is complete, I think you will be happy with the development.

Lilynette smiles and put's her hand out.

Guard: Mistress, I believe you should wear gloves when holding this.

Lilynette wriggles her fingers and smiles at the Guard.

Lilynette: I would not worry, I'm sure I can handle this with my bare flesh.

As the Guard hand's Lilynette the bar, the wire begins to slice through Lilynette's skin as she firmly holds the bar. The wire begins to smoke as her blood touches the wire, yet the wire doesn't melt. The Guard looks on in shock as Lilynette toys with the bar in her hands as it slowly rips her skin.

Lilynette: Interesting, I see it isn't taking damage from my blood...

The Guard gulps befefore standing firm.

Guard: It's made with most advanced metals and manufactoring we could do, it should be able to withstand extreme heat including acidics. We have also fused it to react to violent heat levels.

Lilynette stops toying with the bar and holds it firm in her hand before turning to the Guard.

Lilynette: Extreme heats you say? Like... Molten Lava?

The Guard gulps again as Lilynette slowly begins to walk towards the rail, looking down at the Lava pits below, as Molten Lava piles up like a volcano, waiting to be used to fuel the productions. She slowly holds the Bar out over the edge, grasping only be a small amount of razor wire digging into her fingers.

Lilynette: Let's say we perform a little test?

As the Guard nods, Lilynette drops the Bar. A splashing sound can be heard as Lilynette and the Guard look down, noticing the floating ontop of the Lava, glowing a violent red as the Razor Wire suddenly expands. The Guard turns towards Lilynette.

Guard: Wait for it... we may want to stand back.

Suddenly the Bar begins to crack as the Razor Wire spikes begin to glow red and expand. Suddenly an exploding sound can be heard as the Razor Wire bursts into flames, causing the razor's to shoot from the Bar and fly across the facility. As one comes flying towards the Queen, the Guard shouts. Before she could even blink, Lilynette suddenly catches the Razor between her fingers, stopping it inches from her face.

Lilynette: Interesting. But, we're still missing something.

The Guard turns to Lilynette and expands her arm in the direction of the facility.

Guard: Ah yes, my Queen, we have captured a certain... beast which I believe would be the ideal finishing touches.

Lilynette smirks and slowly begins to walk with the Guard, firmly holding the Razor in her hands still.

Lilynette: Ah yes... this would be a perfect addition. I do hope we have better perfected our... fusion technology.

The Guard nods and turns to Lilynette.

Guard: We have my Queen. The production is almost complete and is only awaiting the fusion on your confirmation. My Queen, I must ask, how... hot are you planning on letting this steel be?

Lilynette smriks, putting her hand on the Guard's shoulder, slowly digger her claws against the Guard's skin.

Lilynette: Don't worry, it won't be as hot as Molten Lava... but it will be... Hell.
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