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Cobalt comes with bread and to train Meadows

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Cobalt comes with bread and to train Meadows

Post by "PRiMeTiMe" John Meadows on Sun Sep 01, 2013 11:19 am

The scene opens up inside of the pits. John Meadows is seen sitting inside the barred off chamber he is assigned to. He seems to be the only one currently in his cell. There were only guards roaming around the area. His cell is covered with litter and garbage. Old food wrappers and empty cans and booze bottles are strewn all over the place, and multiple ashtrays are scattered around the cell filled with old butts. Meadows doesn't look to be his usual self, though, as he is hunched over in his chair, visibly upset. His eyes are glazed over with a lost look in them. He reaches forward, his arms shaking very weak like, and grabs one of the empty cans of beer and attempts to take a sip. But the can is empty. He tosses the can over his shoulder and reaches out for another... Empty again. He starts to check random cans, but each can he checks, they turn out to be empty. Meadows finally gives up in a fit of rage, he needs nothing more than a sip of beer but he isn't going to find it here.

"Primetime" John Meadows: Man, this place is [censored] gross! I can't believe I fell for Cobalt's crap. Now I'm stuck down here in this place forced to fight for my precious life. I could be posing as a model in women mags all day long making money, instead I have to beat up idiots. I could be eating good right now, instead I'm eating nothing.

Not that John has had any lunch today. In fact, Primetime hasn't eaten one single time since he has been in the pits, his body was beginning to feel the affects, and he was beginning to miss what he had taken granted beforehand. The only thing Meadows has consumed is his own blood... The breakfast of champions, thanks to Cobalt himself.

"Primetime" John Meadows: I'm a [censored] loser...

Meadows looks over to the wall at a mirror and stares in to his eyes with a look of pure hatred. He reaches out and grabs one of the ashtrays and chucks it at the mirror, shattering it in to tiny pieces...

"Primetime" John Meadows: Don't look at me! You're a loser! A [censored] loser!

Meadows starts to flip out in a fit of rage. He clears most of the garbage out of his way with one swipe of his arm. An almost empty bottle of scotch hits the floor and breaks. Meadows kicks the glass away and starts to try and suck the booze up off the floor...you needed to be intoxicated in this place. Out of nowhere, the door to the chamber swings open, Meadows' own personal "saviour" walks in, taken a back by what he has walked in on...

Cobalt: Oh, my lord! Are you serious?

Meadows looks up and his eyes light up a little bit. He stumbles to his feet and staggers towards Cobalt...

"Primetime" John Meadows: There you are, buddy... please tell me there is some booze around here, Cobalt!

Cobalt stares at Meadows with disgust. Meadows staggers off course and falls in to a big pile of garbage and empties. Meadows chuckles and seems delusional from his own hunger and need of an altered mind in this new realm, and reaches out for help from Cobalt. Cobalt just stands there, staring...

Cobalt: How on earth do you expect me to help you, John, if you cannot even help yourself?

"Primetime" John Meadows: What? What do you...?

Cobalt: Look at you... you're being a disgrace to this kingdom... You're becoming a disgrace to all who have been named as a participant in QBC. That's not you at all! Hell I walk in here and find you sucking up spilled whiskey from the dirty floor? I would have rather walked in and caught you masturbating...

Meadows pulls himself out of the garbage and stares straight in the eyes of Cobalt, who reaches in his pocket and hands him a large piece of bread. Meadows eyes light up like times square and he instantly starts scarfing the bread down as fast as he can.

"Primetime" John Meadows: Ahhh thank you! This is what I needed Cbalt, how do people even survive down here? I'm a loser, Cobalt... I'm not a champion anymore... I don't deserve any of this... this realm... how am I suppose to succeed in a stinking hell hole like this?

Cobalt: You always will be a loser with an attitude like that. The once great and powerful Primetime John Meadows... I consider you a friend, young Johnny... I like to think that I could bring some sense to your clouded mind, with this... This is just too much to bare to see, and I can't stand by and watch you fade away like this and bloody rot! I told you from the moment I laid eyes on you that I was going to teach you the ropes of this place...We are going to take this place by storm John Meadows, just because you are out of your element doesn't mean you can't survive here. You have all of the skills to dominate here, all you need is a little help from me, and there is nothing that you will ever have to worry about! Now snap out of it and get ready to go to the training area, our work begins today.

Meadows nods and you can just see the confidence coming back to life within his body. He steps forward and pounds his chest lightly acknowledging Cobalt.

"Primetime" John Meadows: You're right Cobalt, it's time to welcome the entire QBC....to Primetime!

Cobalt smirks and leads Meadows from the cell as the two head toward the training quarters down in the pits, Meadows was getting ready to learn the ways of this realm thanks to Cobalt. As soon as the two get out of site, a dark figure steps from the shadows. They call her Sakuya.

Sakuya:  HA! I don't know if I've ever heard two bigger morons conversing with each other.  DOMINATE?!  Hmphhhh, over my dead body.

The scene fades away....

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Re: Cobalt comes with bread and to train Meadows

Post by Guest on Sun Sep 01, 2013 12:24 pm

Really good Primetime Smile Love it.


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