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Azuray/Katatonia RP

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Azuray/Katatonia RP

Post by Sephira on Mon Sep 02, 2013 9:01 am

The camera turns to the Pit’s as Azuray can be seen walking, swinging her hips as she moves. She notices Airi in the distance, rushing toward’s the Arena. As Airi approaches, Azuray decides to stand in her path and places her hands on her hips with a smug look on her face.

Azuray: Well, if it isn’t miss floosy herself, how’s your little… catch working out for you.

Airi, showing signs of aggression try’s to barge past Azuray, who remains stood in her path.

Airi: I don’t have time for this, get out of my way you white haired witch.

Azuray pushes Airi back with an angry look on her face.

Azuray: White haired witch? That’s gold coming from a little cow like yourself who’s only buttercup is a slave who had it on with one Sakuya’s pathetic little dogs.

Azuray pull’s Airi’s hair before Airi punches Azuray in the cheek and the two start to Brawl in the Pits. Suddenly multiple Guard’s come rushing by along with Katatonia who witnesses the fight.

Katatonia: Really? On the night of our match you two little girl’s decide to have it out here?

Katatonia turns toward’s Airi.

Katatonia: Are you not suppose to be somewhere?

Airi shakes herself off, glaring at both Azuray and Katatonia as she storms off with several Guards. Katatonia smirks at Azuray.

Katatonia: I hope you don’t mind getting yourself a little wet tonight. I’ll be sure to covering you in something thicker then you’re probably use to.

Azuray scoff at Katatonia before flicking her hair back.

Azuray: At least I can get something you simply can not, because after all, you are just a little human girl.

Azuray begins to laugh before lightly pushing Katatonia’s shoulder.

Azuray: Besides, I’ll enjoy being covered. You on the other hand, will be choking and gasping for air. I’ll see you later tonight little one.

Azuray shoves past Katatonia; as Katatonia glares into the distance before shaking her head and walking on.
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