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Amoni's Distress

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Amoni's Distress

Post by Sephira on Wed Sep 04, 2013 8:45 am

The camera begins to portray the Pit's as a blood soaked Azuray can be seen walking through, swinging her hips as she goes and sucking the blood from her finger's. As she approaches the cell blocks, winking and waving at the stunned male combatants and guard's, she notices Amoni standing in the corner distressed.

Azuray: Hmm, I wonder what's got the little human girl's panties in a twist.

Azuray smirks to herself and begins to bite her lip before slowly walking toward's Amoni. As she approaches Amoni notices Azuray and stands firm.

Azuray: Aww, the little girl is standing up for herself already. I couldn't help notice you looking so... distressed.

Amoni: What would you know of distressed!

Azuray smirks and approaches Amoni closer, placing her head only inches from Amoni's and whispers in her ear

Azuray: I know when one is standing alone in the corner with an upset expression on their face they are not feeling... joyful.

Azuray smiles and embraces Amoni, staining her in blood as she places Amoni's head against her chest and strokes Amoni's hair; dripping it in blood from her hands. Amoni begins to gag for air behind muffled crys as Azuray embraces her tighter, choking Amoni's airways as she is forced against Azuray's body.

As Amoni begins to struggle and wave her arms around, Azuray begins to whisper in her ear

Azuray: There there little one, it'll all be over soon...

As Amoni goes limp, Azuray slowly lift's Amoni's head from her chest and places her finger's against her neck as she goes to check her pulse.

Azuray: You're a tough one I'll give you that...

Azuray releases Amoni as she slumps to the floor unconscious, covered in blood from Azuray's fight in the pit. As she turn's to walk away Azuray whispers beneath her breath

Azuray: Hopefully this will deter you from showing you face in this arena again.

As Azuray walks away, a Guard on patrol comes walking by and notices Amoni on the floor covered in blood. As she runs over she goes to check Amoni's pulse before shouting for a Medic.

*Carry onto the new NPC Doctor.*
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