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The Undead Doctor

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The Undead Doctor

Post by The Mark on Wed Sep 04, 2013 9:18 am

*Follow-Up RP to http://qbcfederation.forumotion.co.uk/t474-amoni-s-distress *

A rhythmic click-clacking can be heard as the camera looks to a double door.

With a loud bang, the doors swing open as a skeleton, wearing a black and torn suit and top hat can be seen running alongside a floating Amoni.

Doctor Bones: NURSE! Clear the operating table this instant!

Amoni is set down on an operating table as multiple scalpels, bottles of liquid, and assorted items begin circling around the skeleton.

Doctor Bones: Hrm, discoloration around the throat, trachea is partially collapsed...

With a hand gesture he goes to put a hand on Amoni's chest.


Doctor Bones: I am not! If I wanted to cop a feel on a woman, I would do so off the clock, Nurse!

With a sigh, he places restraints on Amoni.

Doctor Bones: So, if I may be so bold, after this operation, would you care to go out sometime? A nice sip of champagne?


Doctor Bones: Since when have you cared about Doctor-Patient relations?! Stop giving me speeches and get me a scalpel, woman!

A scalpel goes toward him as he grabs it.

Doctor Bones: Now, I don't want you to panic, but I have to slice your throat open to get you breathing correctly. And if you're good, I'll throw in some work on that fungal pneumonia that has started to grow in your lungs.

Amoni tries to shake her head, but is stopped as a breathing mask is placed on her and anesthesia is pumped through.

Doctor Bones: Not too much like last time, Nurse. We don't want another accident like last time, do we?

Amoni goes unconscious as Doctor Bones quietly chuckles to himself.
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