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Pre-Match Interview/Sakuya's Words/Hello Amoni (Lily/Meadows Colab!)

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Pre-Match Interview/Sakuya's Words/Hello Amoni (Lily/Meadows Colab!)

Post by "PRiMeTiMe" John Meadows on Wed Sep 04, 2013 10:06 am

There John Meadows was just outside of his holding chamber on the day of the PPV, he was seemingly in his own zone as he sat in a little black four legged chair lacing up his baby blue and white wrestling boots that read "PJM" down the side, he also had on his black tights with several white designs that read "Primetime" down the side. He has his hooded jacket on which covered his head and he paid no attention to the wrestlers that were walking around him, his mind was focused on his goals and his goals alone...with the first one being walking out of that arena tonight alive and with a win. Meadows finished lacing the very last holes in his boots with the black string and stood up. Up and down he thrusted several times in a squatting position, he was obviously loosening himself up for the match tonight. He stuck his right leg out and touched his toes stretching that leg, and then the same with the other. Having worked his legs out Meadows immediately dropped to the floor and began to rep out several push-ups, over and over.

"Primetime" John Meadows: This is my chance to show these people what good looks and superior wrestling skills look like when they go together. Flying off the top rope all night, or breaking this guy down in the middle of the ring...it doesn't matter!  Tonight I'll be making a statement any way you look at it.

Suddenly as Meadows continues to work out he is approached by QBC interviewer Sakaki, who is accompanied by a camera man.

Sakaki: Excuse me, may we have a few moments of your time for an interview for QBC.com?

Meadows stops dead in his tracks and pushes himself to his feet, removing his hood with a big smile and female laughter could be heard in the background, but he paid no attention to it because he was use to it. He loved stuff life this, he was made for the camera and interviewing. He nodded to Sakaki

Sakaki: First off, congratulations on coming to the QBC and receiving your first ever match live on PPV, you must be nervous huh?

"Primetime" John Meadows: Nervous? Not a chance. You see five years ago when I walked into the wrestling business, I had one goal in mind Sakaki....That goal was to prove myself to all of the doubters that I am the best, to beat me you will have to bring your A plus game, because anything less ends up with you on your head looking at the bright lights above you wondering why your A game wasn't good enough. For five years, that is exactly what I did and in QBC it will be no different. Oooooo bloodshed you say? Is that suppose to scare me? I won't hesitate to give my blood, sweat, and my tears to be untouchable to these lames.

Meadows stops to take a deep breath, continuing to talk as he finishes doing so.

"Primetime" John Meadows: There is not a man alive  that can do what I do in that ring as good as I can do it. Name anybody, I dont care who they are, I dont care who they think they are, I dont care what championship they hold. Chris Hunt...I'm better. Basil Blackheart..I'm better. Whatever hideous dude I face tonight that probably wouldn't know cool if it hit him in the face I will leave him swimming in a pool of his own blood out there, and you guessed it, I'll obviously be better than him too. I'm a highlight reel maker, wins in the ring raker, and if you leave your girl around me I'll most likely take her.

Sakaki: Primetime, we have gotten word and rumors that you are in cahoots with none other than Cobalt. What are your thoughts on that, and what can you tell us?

"Primetime" John Meadows:  All you need to know is that we are two smart guys who know what's best for business. That's all I'll say about it Sakaki. As far as you, your little camera man, and every single eye out there watching this that knows I'm flawless...just get ready and prepared, because tonight for the first time ever you will all be welcomed....TO PRIMETIME!

Meadows steps back with a huge cocky smirk on his face and opens his arms up wide taunting the camera, he quickly grasps his hood and throws it back over his head and pushes the camera out of his way.  Sakaki scurries off and Meadows looking proud and accomplished sits back in his little black chair and begins taping his wrists for the final touch of his amazing wrestling attire. Just as he finishes he feels a slight tap on his shoulder and he doesn't even bother to look up.

"Primetime" John Meadows: I know you couldn't get enough Sakaki, but I'm not answering any more questions. Hit the bricks bro...

Voice: Well, well sir. That's no way to greet a lady...

Meadows quickly drops the tape and throws his hood from his head and looks up to the voice, noticing that it is nowhere near Sakaki's. A little breath is taken from him as he sees non-other than Sukuya standing over him! Meadows jumps to his feet quickly to meet her acquaintance as the scene fades away.

The Camera returns to the holding chamber as Sakuya and John Meadows can be seen together with Sakuya standing behind John with her finger's pressed firmly into his shoulders; her nails sticking deep into his flesh through his clothing. As she learns closer to his ear, her cold breath can be felt through John's neck.

Sakuya: I thought... I would pay you a little visit before your match this morning. I thought you would be glad to know that I did not pick your opponent tonight. Not that you could handle any fighter I could throw at you.

Sakuya begins to smirk before swiftly placing her hand around John's mouth, silencing him from being able to reply. As John shift's his eyes to the left, she turns her gaze against his, staring deep into his eyes as she turns her body around, facing his to the front.

Sakuya: I have come, to give you a word of advice. Seeing as that pathetic excuse for a Guard Cobalt likes to leave details out, just incase he fightens you spineless freaks he finds. You may be a fighter John, but you're not what this Arena can make value off. You are weak, a fool, nothing more than trash. If this was my realm, you would be spending your last moments as a tiny bug, awaiting to be trampled under my boots as you spend the rest of your pathetic eternity embracing the dirt as I crush your bones into nothing.

Sakuya slides her hand from his shoulder onto his cheek, slowly digging her finger's into his cheek. As his flesh begins to split from her finger's, she quickly swips her hands back, exposing a small cut as a trickle of blood begins to seep down. Before John can react, Sakuya pushes him against a wall and leans in close, beginning to lick the blood from his wound. As her tongue touches his skin, a sense of fear strikes through John's mind as an uneasy dark aura can be felt flowing through his skin, almost as if he was being tainted through his blood. As Sakuya slides her tongue against his cheek, she begins to pushes John's jaw up, pushing his head into the wall. Suddenly Sakuya backs away and wipes her mouth.

Sakuya: You are nothing. You are fragile, easily cut, easily bruised. Yet you gain the interest of Cobalt and will now fight in the Tournament. What a fool.

Sakuya goes to place her hands on John's neck but before her fingers could wrap around his throat, a Guard comes rushing through into the chamber. Sakuya quickly pulls her arm back and stares at John, pericing through his eyes. As the Guard stands besides Sakuya, she turns and nods at the Guard.

Sakuya: We're done here. I will be watching you John. I hope for your sake you are more then you look. As much as I enjoy trampling in other's blood, I like to be proven wrong. You had better be one of those who do, because not even Cobalt will stop your death here.

As Sakuya walks away she turns back to John Meadows and winks

Sakuya: Providing, it is of course me who decides when your death is...

Sakuya pulls a small glass dish from her chest and holds it close to her eye and monitors the swaying sands before her.

Sakuya: Other's may get there before me...

As Sakuya walk's away, John goes to check his cheek where he was wounded, only to find the wound has disappeared. As he turns to the Guard, Cobalt comes rushing in.

Cobalt: Are you ready to prove yourself John?! It's time to go!

"Primetime" John Meadows: DUDE!?!?! What the hell was that about? Did you just see that?

Cobalt: Uhhh no, I have no idea what you are talking about, we are running a little behind man, and that's never good for business.

Cobalt turns to walk out of Meadows' holding chamber as he waves him on, he doesn't seem too interested in anything but getting John to the fight.

"Primetime" John Meadows: That Sakuya chick, she just practically violated me in the worst freaking way possible or maybe killed me I'm not even sure what just went down! But she grabbed me tight, held my mouth shut, cut me, and licked my cheek. It was super freaking scary and I felt like the breath was being drained from my body and I don't even know what I did to her!  She told me that you can't even save me!

Cobalt stops in his track at the mention of Sakuya, he turns back to John with wide eyes.

Cobalt:  If you see her John you immediately head the other direction, do not listen to a word she says and do not let her get a hold of you.  If she even touches you in the slightest way it could end up very bad for not only you, but me as well.  We have to keep you alive and safe, for you will do big things here. Now let's get out there!

Cobalt puts his hand on Meadows' back shoves him out of his own chamber and towards the ring. Meadows takes the hint and walks fast at the side of Cobalt. As the two walk through the familiar halls the same giggle Primetime heard earlier can be heard once again as a very attractive little female walks toward John and stops him in his tracks as she places her hand on his chest.

Amoni: Hehe forgive me but I have seen you around and you are just breathtaking so I had to meet you and give you this.  

Amoni looking up towards Meadows, reaches out her hand and gives him a tiny little circle shaped object with a beautiful little flower right in the middle of it.  She has the most adorable smile on her face and she places her hands on his shoulders and lifts herself to her tippy toes kissing him on the cheek.

Amoni: I hope you like it..good luck tonight and I hope to see you after!

Amoni scurries off as Cobalt lightly shoves the red faced blushing John Meadows who rubs the object Amoni just gave him. He snaps out of it with a goofy smile and walks once more by Cobalt's side...it was time to fight.

As Meadows and Cobalt take off a rather handsome man appears from around the corner as if he had been listening to everything. He had his fists balled up in anger.

Johnny: Who does this guy think he is?  He has pretty girls talking to him and thinks he is the best thing in the world. Well Sakuya wont get to him because I will be the one to kill this imbecile TONIGHT! We will find out who the best John really is!

Credit to both Lilynette and Myself for this collaboration!
"PRiMeTiMe" John Meadows

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