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Magnum fires Damian Post Chamber match

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Magnum fires Damian Post Chamber match

Post by @Magnum on Thu Sep 05, 2013 3:14 am

Nanael: We just witnessed a hell of a match in the chamber with the Shield Champion Basil Blackheart coming out on top.
Airi: Nanael that was one ruthless match and I sure in hell enjoyed it. It really went beyond my expectations and definitely lived up to the hype.
Nanael: That was a huge win for Basil Blackheart and we shall see from here how this will effect his future here in the QBC.
Airi: Maybe a chance at the QBC Heavyweight Title?
Nanael: It is quite possible. What a match!! And wait a second it looks like Magnum has reentered the ring with Damian who was no help to him in that match at all.

Magnum and Damian Dracor enter the ring to a smattering of boos from the fans. Magnum holds the mic in his hand before speaking.

Magnum: I am pissed off. Damian I was suppose to win this match and I didn’t. This was going to catapault me to the top but as you can see Blackheart won and I did not and well for that I need an explanation from you.
Damian Dracor: Magnum listen I was out there but I could not enter the chamber to help you.
Magnum: You didn’t even warn me when XL attacked me from behind. You didn’t even say hey watch out you just stood there like a tool as I got my ass kicked. Now how do you think I feel, I am the QBC Blood Champion and I got embarrassed in that chamber.
Damian Dracor: I’m sorry that you lost but I am telling you we will get them next time.
Magnum: What next time, when will there be another match like this. This was going to be a shining moment in my career yet it was a total bust. That jackass Blackheart won and you are telling me oh we will get them next time, are you on something? Don’t answer that please.

The crowd begins to chant you suck and you got beaten.

Magnum: First off you morons I do not suck and I got beaten because my so called manager did nothing to help me.
Damian Dracor: Well Magnum my friend I mean I didn’t really think you needed my help anyway. I thought you can take them all down you are the best you know that.
Magnum: Wait just wait one moment here. You are telling me you didn’t think I needed your help. How about when someone attacks me from behind and you just stand there watching, maybe that’s when you should say “hey Magnum watch out” instead you just stood outside watching like these idiots in the arena.

The crowd boos more loudly than before.

Magnum: OH SHUT THE HELL UP ALREADY!! Now Damian you say you are my friend, you say you are my manager well…. Magnum gets cut off by Damian.
Damian Dracor: I am, I am your friend and manager and….Magnum cuts him off.
Magnum: You did not just cut me off when I was talking.
Nanael: This is getting intense Airi.
Airi: I know and I’m enjoying this so shut up and listen.
Magnum: You don’t just cut me off who the hell do you think you are. You know what we are done. You are right I don’t need you, I don’t need anyone. I won this Championship *points to the QBC Blood belt in his other hand* by myself, actually by defeating your lame ass so what I am saying to you Damian is our friendship is over. I don’t need friends. You are fired as my manager and I never ever want to see you near me again or I will beat the living daylight out of you, Do you understand?
Damian Dracor: Don’t do this Magnum I’m telling you I can help you.
Magnum: And I’m telling you we are done so get the hell out of my ring you worthless piece of garbage.
Nanael: Wow Damian fired by Magnum and is no longer his manager.
Airi: That didn’t last too long.

Damian begins to exit the ring but before doing so turns around and tries to reason with Magnum. Magnum ignores him before putting down his belt and pointing to the ramp. Damian turns around again to exit the ring but in a blink of an eye gets kicked right on the side of the skull by Magnum knocking Damian out cold to the mat. The crowd boos as Magnum continues to smash Damian’s skull in with his boot.

Magnum: Someone might want to get him some help.
Nanael: Oh my goodness Magnum just delivered a mortal skull crusher to Damian knocking him out cold and he doesn’t look like he’s moving the medics need to come out here quick.
Airi: That was great. I mean Magnum completely blindsided him and knocked his ass out cold. I love it.
Nanael: Magnum and Damian are no longer and where the heck are the medics Damian needs help right now.

The crowd boos as Magnum stands over Damian’s lifeless body with the championship belt held high as medics finally rush into the ring pushing Magnum aside to get Damian Dracor out of the ring.

Magnum: Now then comment as you see fit!!

The scene begins to fade out.

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