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Xalvador starts training for the big match

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Xalvador starts training for the big match

Post by Athenis on Thu Sep 05, 2013 7:42 am

Xalvador Leinhart is spotted by the camera being escorted out of his cell

Xalvador: So, can i be allowed to know where exactly I will be going right now?

Female Guard: I am taking you to the training barracks to prepare for your match tonight.

Xalvador: Hmph, like i need much. Though i will never turn down a chance to get out of that hellish abyss you call my cell. Thank you m'lady.

The female guard smiles at Xalvador while locking up the cell doors. The other two guards with her walk in front of Xalvador as she finishes up locking the cell and walks behind him.

Xalvador: Ha! Am i really thought of as an escape risk here? I know i say this is just a stepping stone in my journey but to be quite honest, i'm starting to like it here. The roar of the crowd and the competition is much better then hunting demons. At least here my opposition doesn't take off. Heh, m'lady trust me, i'm not gonna go anywhere but where you wish me too go.

The female guard gives Xal a suspicious look as she follows behind him.

Female Guard: Don't take offense to it. It's just a security protocal that we follow. So you like it here? Don't hear to many of our cometitors say that often.

Xalvador shoots the female guard a smile. This time unlike the other grins and smirks he usually shoots her, this one seems to be of a friendly nature.

Xalvador: Ah yes. As i've stated time and time again, I am unlike any other you have seen here. I honor a good fight. I take this as training for the ultimate goal in my life.

Female Guard: Well here we are. Feel free to train as long as you wish. But keep in mind your match is in a few hours. If you choose to train until your match is up feel free. I will be back here when that time comes. If you choose to retire from the training area just let one of the guards know.

Xalvador: Thank you m'lady. I bid you farewell.

The camera fades back as the guard is seen walking down the hallway toward the guards den as we cut away to the next segment


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