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I shall support you, my mistress (Before Sakuya's match)

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I shall support you, my mistress (Before Sakuya's match)

Post by BasilBlackheart on Sun Sep 08, 2013 12:30 am

As Sakuya and Lilith were going trought their final preparations before their match against The Mark and Laura, they were disturbed by the presence of a fighter near them. From the darkness of the hallway appeared the figure of Basil Blackheart. Seing the man made Sakuya turn her back on him as she was gearing up for the match. On the other hand Lilith was still staring at the champion, awaiting to see what he does. A mild smile appeared on Blackheart's face. The smile was caused by Sakuya's reaction, as the executioner knew she was going to react to his appearance that way. Seing the smile appear on the champion's face made Lilith to turn her gaze away from the champion, with a shy smile strugling to settle on her face. Getting closer to the women Blackheart kneeled before them and bowed his head.

Basil Blackheart: I came to wish you luck, my mistress.

Sakuya grunted in response and cast an annoyed look at Basil.

Sakuya: I don't need luck!

Basil Blackheart: I didn't meant you need it. I just wanted you to know that I'll be watching your fight, I wanted to show you my support, my mistress.

Sakuya: There's no need for that. Watch your own fight, we don't need support for us to win...

Sakuya stood up and started walking slowly away from the kneeling champion. Disappointed with the response Basil immediately stood on his feet and started following her in atempt to explain himself. He was stopped in his tracks by Lilith steping right infront of him. She placed her hand on Basil's shoulder. Lilith tapped Blakcheart's shoulder and moved her hand to her chest, following a pointing gesture showing Sakuya. The executioner was observing her gestures intensly, trying to figure out what is she trying to tell him. At last she brought her hand between them and pointed with two of her fingers at the man. Quickly she turned the fingers to point at her.

Basil Blackheart: You... want me to watch?

Lilith replied with a shy smile and a nod. She stepped backwards and bowed to Blackheart before catching up on Sakuya. Blakcheart was standing in place confused, looking at them going trought a portal.

Basil Blackheart: I'll... I'll be watching....

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