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An offer for an Execution?

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An offer for an Execution?

Post by Apocalypse' on Sun Sep 08, 2013 2:37 am

The chambers of one Basil Blackheart would be quiet for the most part, preparing for the chamber match ahead, while the other fighters in their cages were just trying to figure out if they were going to embark into the big tournament or if their times would be left to nothing more then a simple waiting match with the guards. The armored man was showing a bit of impatience and strangely enough he seemed as if he was feeling under pressure. The executioner was determined to get the prize. He however wasn't feeling as confident as always. This time there was the possibility of luck to get the win out of his grasp. Blackheart wasn't bothered by the prospect of losing, he didn't need the win to remind him he was the strongest, actually he was confident he was the strongest man in the chambers, afterall he was serving the queen. The thing that was bothering him was an unusual thing. Untill now he was never worried that he might lose on some kind of prise in the tournament, he even despised the belt he was supposed to wear. But something deep inside of him didn't want to see some weakling getting Sakuya as a prize. Maybe Basil thought she was the kind of women, a strong women, that deserved better. The kind of women that needed to be in the hands of a competent man, a man who can protect them ,should they need it. Or maybe he just wanted to have the possibility of her being bothered by a weakling eliminated by him winning the prize. Blackheart was unsure of the reason but he didn't feel the need to know why. For him it was enough that he wanted her as a prize, and he left wondering why, for after he has won the match. As usual his face was barely showing the emotional barrage of thought that was going through his head. So there he was, standing in the chamber, awaiting for his chance to punish the weakling that step in the ring with him. However, the quietness for Basil was not going to be for much longer, as a presence started to speak, but only to him. The mind was a powerful entity, and he could hear that familiar, sickening voice once again.

Apocalypse: Preparing yourself for the time to come I see?... How quaint but how much preparation can a man do when they know the shadows are coming, and the nightmares are in the same diabolical cage as you?

Basil Blackheart: You can't scare me, little man, I'm the worst nightmare in the cage!

The figure couldn't be seen, but felt as he looked upon from a corner of the room. Only red eyes gleaming through the shadows of that corner, staring straight at Basil. A slight laugh, mimicked in weeks past followed suit much to the chagrin of Basil Blackheart. The armored man replied with a grunt, showing more of an annoyance than anger. His eyes were slowly moving around the place, searching for the annoying being that was Apocalypse in his eyes.

Apocalypse: I noticed... you had some troubles last week with the lights flickering on and off? I really wouldn't want to see that happen again... Now now, no need to take up arms and get aggressive.. Calm down, I just want to talk, give you an offer perhaps that your mortality will have to take.

Being a man with a short fuse Blackheart had already taken the step from being annoyed to being angry.

Basil Blackheart: Listen to me, little man, if you stand in my way out there I will crush you like a bug!

Apocalypse: Listen my friend... I tried to find you last week but you were nowhere to be found, I believe we've had our differences but it seems, they are trying to put me in the same confliction of a match as you.. and the prize?.. Hahahaha... I don't need the prize at all, nor do I want it... I'm here to help you Basil, I want no part in the match, and you can have the victory freely. Have your gift, to show that I want you on my side... Basil. Look at these conditions, are these conditions really befitting of a Champion? You deserve better, and as my own champion you will have whatever, you wish... I know the nightmares are strong in your head Basil, just waiting to take you like the shadows over-taking the light but I.... I can make it go all away...

It's been a while since Basil's face has changed so drastically infront of someone. It was unusual of him, but he was thinking that the annoying man could be usefull in this situation. It was not characteristic of the executioner to seek help in achieving a victory, but something deep inside of him was whispering in the depths of his mind that this man could help him win the prize and finally receive the attention of Sakuya.

Basil Blackheart: I.... I might have my weaknesses, but what do you know about it? They... I ... I am stronger than them ... I can suppress them...

Apocalypse: What about if I could tell you, that the Nightmare and the shadows can be your strongest power to date?... That they can fuel you to victory and prove to everyone you are a worthy champion. These people, do not understand you like I do.. Basil.. I've been watching for longer then you know, it is time you get the respect you deserve don't you? Let me help you... Let the shadows make you stronger and when you win tonight, and get your prize.. it will be a show of good-faith that the Nightmares are... finally gone from you.

Basil Blackheart: You are telling me you can make the weakness go away?

Apocalypse: I can make plenty go away but you'll see out there...

Lips formed from Apocalypse another grin that spoke volumes, however his final words claimed to be a foreshadowing of things to come soon enough. The match was soon, and preparations were needed.

Apocalypse: See you out there..... Champion.

Before Basil could react once more, the figure seems to vanish and Basil once more wakes up to notice the chambers were the same as before, nothing more like it was all a dream or a Nightmare.

This is basically a collaboration from me and Basil. It was a bit rushed but hopefully the quality and message is still across. Enjoy and edit as you please. Smile


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Re: An offer for an Execution?

Post by Guest on Sun Sep 08, 2013 3:17 am

Collab? That means there will be more tag teams, I'll salute to that any day of the week, nice rp.


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