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Into the Shadow (Near End Show)

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Into the Shadow (Near End Show)

Post by The Mark on Sun Sep 08, 2013 2:50 am

A camera has just spotted the trio of The Mark, Laura, and Airi running through the dank and dark halls of The Pits. The Mark is limping and has placed his hat over his face. Laura Kinney is also limping, but not as much.

Airi: That'll show them! Sakuya's had this coming ever since she tore us apart!

Laura: Yeah, but we can't rest yet.

Male Guard: There they are!

The camera quickly turns and shows a group of five of the Queen's Guard at the other end of the hall, all beginning to chase after the weakened team.

The Mark: Few...more...

Laura, Airi, and Mark manage to get into an unlit area.

Male Guard: Don't lose them!

The guards rush into the dark, each with a torch. It seems that the trio had simply vanished into the darkness.

Male Guards: No, no! [EXPLICITVE] it!

The guards spread out and search the dark room, pressing against the walls and stomping on the floor for any secret entrances.

Male Guard: Notify Sakuya! They have to be here!

Female Guard: You do it! I'm not going near her as she is!

Male Guard 2: Someone has to notify her!

The guards continue to argue as the cameraman has quietly managed to find the secret entrance, a grate in the floor for blood, sweat, and water to drain. The drain goes deeper, heat blasting out from below. Wherever they went, they are near the volcanic lava. Before the camera can show the room they are in, the feed cuts. The audio continues however. The Mark is breathing heavily, his voice cracking.

The Mark: Be... honest... my face...

Airi: You want the short answer or the long one?

Laura: Airi!

No one speaks for a moment.

Laura: She tore it up badly. We need to get you to a doc-

The Mark: Not enough... time... They'll be... watching...

Airi: So, what? You planning on doing facial recontruction on yourself? With what?

The Mark: I... always come... prepared...

The sound of rummaging and items being plunked down can be heard.

Laura: How many pockets does that coat have?

The Mark: Just... hold the mirror... here...

Airi: Oh, god! This is sick!

A muffled shout of pain is heard from The Mark. He's begun to stitch himself back together.
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