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Lilynettes Departure (In Progress)

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Lilynettes Departure (In Progress)

Post by Sephira on Sun Sep 08, 2013 4:33 am

The camera turns to the Area as the lights go dim. As the crowd begin to go quite, Never Regret by Here Comes The Kraken begins to play out as the Arena bursts into a flames. The Camera turns to the Titontron as Lilynette accompanied by Cobalt and Sakuya slowly makes her way to the ring. As she reaches the ring steps she stops and gazes among the crowd, taking a deep breath and waving. As she jumps up to the ropes, she slides onto her stomach and positions herself directly under the ropes and places her hands out, relaxing as she looks towards the Titron as a wave of Guards begin to patrol out.

As the Guards begins to stand against the Arena walls, Lilynette slides fully into the ring followed by Cobalt and Sakuya. As she begins to center herself, her wings slowly expand as she expands her arms out and takes in the reactions from the Crowd, exhilarating the feeling as the crowd bursts into roar and screams. As she stands and enjoys the crowd, Iroha and Alice slides into the ring holding a Microphone and hands it to Lilynette while bowing.

As Lilynette takes the Microphone from she turns to the Titontron. Suddenly Guard's followed by a small young girl begins to make their way to the arena. As they approach the Arena the small girl runs into the ring and dives into Lilynette's arms as the Crowd all cheers. As Lilynette let's her down the girl smiles at Sakuya and Cobalt before sitting in the center of the ring before them and gazes amongst the crowd.

Lilynette: Welcome all. I hope you have enjoyed tonight as much as I have and because I have enjoyed it so much, I wanted to come down and pay everyone a very important visit. As you can see, I have Cobalt and Sakuya with me and the reason for this, is because I have a very... special announcement to make.

As Lilynette pauses, she looks down at the small girl, who is currently circling her finger on the ring mat, paying very little attention to Lilynette. As Lilynette places her hand onto of the girl's head, she looks up and smiles before placing her own hands over Lilynette's.

Lilynette: As you can imagine, being the Queen of this Realm, a Realm that hosts my glorious people, many things can pop up that must be dealt with. Sometimes, this can include both here, in the Federations, in the great City we live in and in the land that is under our banner.

Lilynette pauses and turns to Cobalt and Sakuya, wriggling her finger at them causing them to both step forward. Sakuya gives an evil look at Cobalt, who just smirks in return as Lilynette turns and faces the crowd.

Lilynette: These two, have served me since the start. You have come to know of them and how much they contribute to the running on this show. Things are going to change however.

Lilynette turns to Cobalt and Sakuya.

Lilynette: Cobalt. Currently you are a Head Guard, however this isn't your best role. However, it appears combatants seem to turn to you more by the day. So with that, I am stripping you off your post and will be placing you as the Overseer of The Pits. You will now be tasked in ensuring combatants appropiately train and are looked after so that they can compete each week for our amazing fans before us.

Lilynette: Sakuya. After earlier, you will not be engaging after The Mark and Laura Kinney. Cobalt will be forced to deal with them, however if they cross your path then by all means, deal with them as needed. With this, the entire Guard regiment is now under your command.

Sakuya stands forward and begins to appeal to Lilynette

Sakuya: My Queen, surely you can not trust this fool Cobalt to deal with those disgusting vile rebels!?

Lilynette swiftly turns and places her finger over Sakuya's mouth.

Lilynette: No, funnily enough, I am not trusting him to deal with them. In fact, I am hoping they cross your path, however you clearly can not control yourself to actively deal with them without not only ruining your own image, but the image of others. That is why, Cobalt will be dealing with them.

Sakuya lets out a hmph and folds her arms, turns to Cobalt and giving him an evil stare. Lilynette turns and gets onto her knees and sits by the girl. As she places her arm around girls shoulders, the girl looks at Lilynette and lets off a slight giggle before pointing at the mat.

Girl: Look Lily, I made a face! Do you think the Guard's will be made at me for drawing this? Maybe the fighters could see it and it'll brighten up their day!

Lilynette let's out a slight giggle as she looks at the drawing. She notices the girl is holding a sharp object in her hand and goes to question her.

Lilynette: Tell me, where did you find that? You know you shouldn't be carrying anything that can hurt yourself while you're here.

The girl opens her hand, exposing a form of knife with a black sheath. She places it on the floor and looks down at the mat with a glum expression like a child who knows they have done wrong.

Girl: I found it on one of the fighters while I was explored... It looked really pretty and cool, I didn't think he would need it so I kind of took it from his clothing while he wasn't looking...

Lilynette let's out a smile as the girl begins to look upset. She slides the Girl closer to her and gives her a light hug as she goes to pick up the Knife.

Lilynette: I'm impressed. I hear some fighter's are very quick on their toes and you have managed to sneak this off one without them knowing. You're a very talented young girl. One day you'll be able to even rival myself!

The Girls looks up at Lilynette and bares a huge grin as her cheeks let off a slight glow of embarressment.

Girl: Really! But you're the Queen, I don't think I could ever rival that Lily, but I can always be your little Sister!

Lilynette: Yes, no matter what, you're always going to be my little Sister, and I am very proud of you for coming with me today and taking up what I'm about to ask.

Lilynette raises to her hand and offers her hand to the girl, who slowly grabs it and stands to her feet. She walks over and stands by Lilynette as she faces Sakuya and Cobalt.

Lilynette: I can assume you already know what's up, but encase you do not. This is my little Sister and she will be taking my place. Matter's outside of the Federation call and I have no choice but to answer them, so she will be running this place for me. Don't think for one second that she is incapable or will not be able to do her job properly. I can assure you, she has the same demon blood as me and I have seen it first hand.

Lilynette slowly pushes the girl towards Cobalt and Sakuya.

Lilynette: Her name is Mai. I want you BOTH to make sure she is safe. If I find out anything happens to her while I am away, you will both have me to answer to, do you both understand?

Cobalt and Sakuya nod as Mai stands before them. Her height at only their chest and her youth clearly showing as she she begins to swing left to right as she stands before them. Lilynette turns and walks to the ropes, placing her hands as she looks towards the vast Crowd before her.

Lilynette: With that, I will be leaving. I have plans to return, however when I can not say. I place my trust in you both to keep Mai safe and to keep this Federation alive. I have left important information that should aid you all in my Office. A new age is dawning and I want everyone to prepare for it. Especially you Mai, because one day you may be leading it.

At that Lilynette turns and bows to the Crowd before expanding her wings. She looks at Cobalt, Sakuya and Mai before letting out a nod. As her wings begin to motion, she slowly lifts from the ground and hovers in the air. She blows a Kiss to Mai before her wings move more heavily, lifting her higher and higher. Suddenly, Lilynette disappears into the night sky, leaving Mai, Cobalt and Sakuya standing in the ring.

Mai turns to Cobalt and Sakuya, letting off a sweet smile before taking both of their hands. She looks up to them and smiles.

Mai: Sakuya, Cobalt, now that the Show is over, can we go to the Food Court and get food!? I want to try what the fighters fight, maybe it'll make big and strong too!

They both smile as Sakuya looks at Cobalt. She lets off a sort of smile as Mai looks on before turning to answer Mai.

Sakuya: Of course we can. Although, I don't think you want to be eating what these lower class insect eat. If you like, we can prepare you something that is fit for a Queen.

Mai let's off a sigh of disappointment before looking up at Sakuya and nodding.

Mai: Okay... but I really really want to become strong too! One day I'd like to fight in the arena maybe... Sakuya, you have fought here, could you train me one day? I want to be as strong as you and Lilith! Maybe Lilith could show me how she does her Dragon Kick!

Sakuya let's off a smirk before placing her hand on Mai's shoulder.

Sakuya: Maybe one day. But for now, there are jobs that must be done to prepare you for the new Season.

Mai nods in agreement. They all make their way to the ring ropes as Mai runs on ahead, chased by Guard's before she could lose track of her. As Sakuya turns to Cobalt she lets out a whisper "Don't even think about it" before jobbing on ahead, leaving Cobalt behind as he shrugs Sakuya off and makes he way backstage as the Camera fades out.
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