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Encounter while Xalvador is training ( A part 2 to my first training RP)

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Encounter while Xalvador is training ( A part 2 to my first training RP)

Post by Athenis on Sun Sep 08, 2013 4:42 am

Nanael: Looks like Xalvador is back in the training room almost ready for his match tonight.
Sigui: He better be. He has a big one coming up. I can't wait!
Taki: Meh, I only await the brutality.

Xalvador suddenly feels a presence in the room while taping his wrists up

Xalvador: Can I help you?

The camera slowly moves to the left to reveal a disgruntled Drake Stone standing over Xalvador.

Nanael: Oh boy, this can't be good. He doesnt look happy at all.

Drake: You seemed very confident in your speech you gave last week. I'm just here to give you some "friendly" advice. You better not take any of your opponents lightly. Especially the Intelligent one. You may have earned yourself a nice fluke victory over me but be forewarned. It won't happen again!

Airi: And of course Drake is talking about that speech Xalvador gave. Telling all his opponents to be ready for this match and challenging them i would say.
Airi: Thats the same way i would put it as well. He did seem very confident. Lets just hope he knows what he's getting himself into.

Xalvador slowly stands up and gets in the face of Drake

Xalvador: Maybe you misunderstood my words last week. It's not a confidence thing. I'm just making a mere suggestion toward my opponents tonight.

Xalvador smiles

Airi: I don't know why, but i love that smile he gives.

Xalvador: You had better bring it all tonight. Heh, because tonight i'm gonna put on a delightful performance for this audience. As for my "fluke" win over you, we'll just see how big a fluke it was later on tonight.

The two wrestlers stare intently at each other before Xalvador makes his way out of the room.

Nanael: Adding fuel to the fire here. Seems things are gonna be heating up a lot later on tonight when these two find themselves in that chamber.
Taki: Ha, I hope they kill each other tonight. Give me something to watch anyway.


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