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The First Victim (Flashback)

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The First Victim (Flashback)

Post by The Mark on Sat Sep 14, 2013 11:34 am

'Greensleeves' performed by David Nevue plays as we see an establishing shot of a bustling city. A teenage male's voice begins to talk as the scene continues.

???: I'm sorry... I'm sorry for hurting a lot of people, but at the same time... I can't.

The scene moves to an apartment complex, police sirens and flashing lights are going everywhere.

???: You could say that I deserve this... To be taken away, forever.

A mother is sobbing on the stairwell going up to the next floor, an officer trying to comfort her.

???: That means... I won't be able to see you again. Mom... Dad... Silvee...

A father is angrily arguing with two officers at a doorway, his face streaming down with tears.

???: I have to accept my fate, to be swept away by the same violence and bitterness that I've given. All I can ask of you, is to not cry.

Passing through the door, the house looks torn apart, broken appliances, holes in the wall, like a fight had broken loose.

???: By the time you find this message... I'll be gone.

Entering a room, the lights are off except for a computer and a young woman staring at the screen in terror and sorrow.

???: I'm sorry... Silvee...

A jump in time happens as we look into the young woman's eyes.

Reporter: ...kiddnapping occurred roughly about...

Reporter: ...footage of a young man wearing a mask...

Reporter: ...prime suspect of murder...

Reporter: ...sent a message to us at the station...

The young woman's eyes show great anger as a familiar voice is heard.

The Mark: Who has really died at my hands? Clean criminals. Not the kind of criminal that makes his life better after realizing his mistake, but a criminal who will hurt as many people around him and still be held safely in the hands of the law.

The shot moves back to see the woman has become much more athletically built as she stares back at the news report that plays.

The Mark: And even then, when those criminals cross the boundary, the police will do nothing. All I have done is take a service fee for eliminating the worst of this city. For that... I, am called the criminal. Oh, how you sheep will blissfully keep walking as the fox is the one telling you that your shepherd is leading you to a path of ruin.

Reporter: This recording has been the last we've heard of The Mark. His 'M' has not been seen at all these past few months. Police have not let up on the search of this elusive serial killer, and they still want people to stay in their homes after dark.

The woman closes her eyes in contemplation as the lights go out in her home. She quickly goes to a drawer, pulling out a flashlight and a combat knife.

As she goes through the home, she sees a shadow move from across the room, moving fast enough to keep away from her flashlight.

???: Who's there?! Answer yourself!

She stands in silence, waiting in front of the door frame.

At a slight creek on the wood floor, the woman spins and goes to strike with her knife.

Her attack is stopped at the wrist, the flashlight showing a woman in front of her.

Lilynette: Too slow.

The woman tries to escape Lilynette's grasp, but is forced to her knees as the hold on her wrist goes tighter.

Lilynette: But, you do show promise.

With a final squeeze, Lilynette let's the woman's wrist go, making the knife hit the floor.

Lilynette: I can help you, you know... about him...

???: Him? Him, who?

Lilynette kneels down and looks into the woman's eyes.

Lilynette: Why, The Mark, of course.

At the name of The Mark, the woman's eyes widen and then narrow in frustration.

Lilynette: He's not in this realm. He's stepped into mine.

Lilynette stands and offers her hand to the woman.

Lilynette: I promise you, under my guidance, you will be the one who will avenge your little brother... Silvia.

Silvia Johnson looks up at Lilynette, many thoughts and emotions going through her mind.

Lilynette: Trust me.

Silvia reaches up tentatively at Lilynette before grasping her hand.

Lilynette: Now, rise.

A portal opens up beside the two, Silvia still staring intently at Lilynette.

Lilynette: Your fate, and my realm's fate, will rest with you and your new family.

Both women remain standing where they are before the portal moves in around them and then closes.
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