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Mai, Young Mistress of QBC

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Mai, Young Mistress of QBC

Post by Sephira on Sat Sep 14, 2013 11:53 am


Possible part 2 could be pushing on Cobalts role to get new combatants in that Mai says "Erm, we need someone to find new fighters... and well, the other realms scare me..." to which Sakuya will spout "You could always use Cobalt, after all, he is suppose to be the... overseer. Why not send that useless windbag out." to which Mai can reply "That's a great idea Sakuya! You're a genius! Maybe he could find me a cute rabbit too while he's in that realm, I heard they're so cute and fluffy!"

The Camera turns to the Main Hall as Mai can be seen swinging on a chair while screaming loudly as the Guards look on in amusement. As the Camera focuses on her as her chair comes to a slow, she gets up dazed and trips over, landing right before Sakuya's feet. As she looks up, Sakuya can been with her arms crossed looking down at Mai; Cobalt can be seen just behind her looking amused.

Mai: I didn't mean to do that...

Sakuya lets out a 'Hmph' as she steps over Mai and points at the Guard's, ordering them to leave. As Mai begins to pull herself up, Cobalt gives her a hand.

Cobalt: So, Mai. How's it feel to be in control of the entire Federation now that Lilynette has gone to do her Queenly Dutys?

Mai stops for a second and puts her finger against her chin. A blank look on her face as she stands silent before turning to Cobalt.

Mai: You know what, I don't know how it feels... I hope I can do as well as Lilynette! Speaking off, I've got a few thing's need to speak to you and Sakuya about for this upcoming season! I made a few changes and I need you both to review them!

Sakuya turns and looks at Mai, an unhappy look on her face.

Sakuya: Changes? What kind of changes Mai. Changes I hope won't prevent me catching that insect Mark.

Mai smiles gleefully at Sakuya before putting her hands together.

Mai: Oh, The Mark! I heard about your fight with him! The way you both go at each other, it's so cute! It's like Yin and Yang, you'd make such a lovely couple! I think there might be love in the air!

Cobalt let's out a loud laugh as Sakuya stands form, her face slowly going red before quickly turning her back to Mai.

Cobalt: How adorable, is the great Sakuya blushing? Careful Sakuya, you might ruin that fearsome look you try to put on!

Suddenly Sakuya turns and grabs Cobalt by the throat and matches him against the wall.

Sakuya: Don't you even think about it. Don't make me slowly pull your eyes out, then we'll see how red your face goes. Oh but how you wouldn't be able to see your vain self, or those pitiful fighters be beaten to a pulp in the ring as they try to "prove" themselves.

Sakuya pushes Cobalt back. As Cobalt cleans himself off, Mai approaches Cobalt holding a list.

Mai: Cobalt, could you make sure that fighters are ready for tonight?? I've drawn up a list of tasks for you, I hope they aren't too hard!

As Cobalt looks at the list, he notices that the list is in fact, a drawing of a stick man holding a sword. As he puts his hand against his face, he resists speaking out.

Mai: Oh! Could you show me around The Pits sometime! I want to see the fighters myself! Oh I do hope they might let me try their outfits on, I've always wondered what it feels like! I just hope Lilynette won't be too mad with the changes... or the crowd...

Suddenly a Guard bursts through the door.

Guard: Mistress, it's time for the Show to start!

Mai jumps up and down in happiness, shooing Sakuya and Cobalt as she skips ahead as the Camera fades out.
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