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Fear for the Future

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Fear for the Future

Post by The Mark on Sat Sep 14, 2013 1:48 pm

Laura Kinney is tacking up maps of the arena and wiping sweat off of her. Hiding down in the drain room since Chamber of Hell, she looks a little better then how she was last seen. In the back is a screen, a shadow of The Mark reflecting on it.

Laura Kinney: I still can't believe that you forcibly sewn yourself back together like that. True, it needed to be taken care of as soon as it did, but you still need to see someone that will fix you up.

The Mark: There won't be time. If I were to do that, then we'd be in worse condition than how we've started.

In the screen, The Mark lifts something up in his hand.

The Mark: Old friend... I didn't think that I would have use for you again...

Laura Kinney: What?

The Mark lifts the object in his hand and places it over his face.

The Mark: This will shock you, but I was not the master of keeping my face hidden for a rather long time. Nearly a year, in fact.

The Mark steps from behind the shade, his usual long brimmed hat not on him. His face is covered by a white porcelain mask, dark slits where his eyes can see.

Laura Kinney: Bwuh-ah!

The Mark: I know.

Laura Kinney: Do you purposefully try to disturb people?!

The Mark: Not unless dollar signs are involved... usually.

The Mark moves over to the map that has been tacked up.

The Mark: Okay, here's what I know...

The Mark starts pointing at different sections of the map and also placing pictures where he's pointed.

The Mark: New recruit, roughly came in the same time I did, his name is John Meadows. Like myself, promised great riches and got this.

Laura Kinney: Sounds like an easy convert.

The Mark: Nothing is easy, Laura. Like Apocalypse.

Laura Kinney: You're not seriously going to try and convince him to join us. He's mental!

The Mark: Not convert, just talk. If he believes that we can be of use to him, we have an offside ally when things go bad.

The Mark tacks up a face on the map.

Laura Kinney: Wait... I recognize that face.

The Mark: You do?

Laura Kinney: ... Yeah! That's Damion MacSteele! He was here around the same time I came in! But, I thought he was dead?

The Mark: Then how can you explain how this picture is roughly five days old?

Laura Kinney: That looks like the back room of the prison rooms... the torture chamber...

The Mark: Hrm. That will be a problem then...

The Mark finally sets down another photo, on the table underneath the map.

The Mark: Not to mention... this.

Laura Kinney: A little girl?

The Mark: Not just a little girl, apparently the sister and heir of the federation.

Laura Kinney gives out a sigh.

Laura Kinney: You weren't kidding about not having enough time.

The Mark: If we can get these few fighters involved, then we can continue accruing the people's belief in us. If all goes well, by the end of this season, we can get everyone riled up enough to end this prison and have Lilynette take a step back on her position of power.

Laura Kinney: Do you think we can do this?

The Mark remains quiet as he points to John Meadows.

The Mark: I'll try and speak with him tonight. If you can, Laura, make a distraction roughly around here.

The Mark makes a circle at a point on the map.

The Mark: If you can get as many guards over there as you can, I'll be able to speak to John for roughly fifteen to twenty minutes at best.

Laura gives a nod as they exit.
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