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Nothing Will Seperate Us Again

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Nothing Will Seperate Us Again

Post by The Mark on Sun Sep 15, 2013 9:01 am

Laura Kinney is cautiously moving around the Pits and watching out for guards. She stops as Airi passes by her. Laura gives a moment of contemplation before whispering out to Airi.

Laura Kinney: Airi... over here.

Airi stops and turns toward the voice, her face lighting up in happiness.

Airi: Laura-!

Laura Kinney: Shh! Get over here, and make sure no one sees you!

Airi looks around her before moving toward Laura.

Airi: I've missed you so much.

Airi gives a tight hug to Laura.

Airi: Don't leave me again.

Laura Kinney: Airi...

Airi pulls out of her hug and looks over Laura Kinney.

Airi: Laura, what's wrong?

Laura Kinney: I'm not sure if I can have you around me, not after your attack on Sakuya...

Airi: She deserved it! If I didn't step in, she would've tore you apart!

Laura Kinney: But now, you're involved.

Airi: I should be!

Laura Kinney: No, you shouldn't! I don't want you to be hurt again because of my actions!

Airi and Laura go quiet for a moment as a guard passes by, thankfully not noticing them.

Airi: Laura, I know you care a lot, but this is my choice. And my choice is to be with you.

Laura and Airi give a passionate kiss to each other. After a few seconds they pull back.

Laura Kinney: I love you...

Airi: I do too.

Airi gives a small chuckle to let Laura know she's joking.

Airi: What's going on?

Laura Kinney: Distraction. The Mark is going to try and talk to John Meadows while all the guards try to deal with me.

Airi gives a nod.

Airi: Want an extra hand?

Laura gives an angry look at Airi, but sighs and softens up.

Laura Kinney: Even if I said no, you'd still come with me.

Airi pulls out a baseball bat and readies herself.

Airi: Now, what made you think that?

Laura Kinney and Airi rush forward and past a guard.

Female Guard: Hey! Stop!
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