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Mai Angers Sakuya

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Mai Angers Sakuya

Post by Sephira on Tue Sep 17, 2013 9:23 am

The Camera turns to the Pit's as Mai can be seen desperately trying to climb to a high point, using the cracks in the wall's to get up to a ledge. A Dagger can be seen in her between her teeth as she puts up a struggle, grasping the cracks with her bare finger's as she heaves herself up onto a ledge.

Mai: Why does everything have to be so high! I wonder if I could get the Guards to give me a push up here next time... Now for some fun!

Mai sits over the edge, her legs dangling over as she begins to kick her feet up and down as she pulls the Knife from her mouth and gazes happily at her reflection in the steel.

Mai: Oh my, it's so pretty! I hope the man I took it from doesn't need it...

At that, Mai begins to grasps the knife in her hand and stabs the air, her expression portraying an angry yet playful look as she begins to swing the Knife around as she sits on the ledge. As she strikes out, her grips slips and she accidentally launches the Knife into the air. As it flips through the air, Sakuya can be seen approaching below from a distance followed by 2 Female Guards.

Sakuya: Oh all the thing's I have to be doing, being stuck looking traces of that pathetic bug had to be one of them. Oh how I relish at the chance to finally put him out of his misery for what he has done.

As she stops to review her surroundings, she notices a glimpse above her. As she looks up, she notices the Knife coming towards her and swiftly jumps back as the Knife falls to the floor, striking the very position she was stood in. As Mai looks on, she places her hands to her mouth and slowly slides back on the ledge.

Sakuya bends down and picks the Knife up and slowly sniffs the air, sensing fear in the surroundings. She begins to gaze upwards; her eyes sharp as she tries to scout the location. She grasps the Knife in her hand, her fingers wrapped out its blade as it slowly cuts into her flesh.

Sakuya: I know you're hiding here somewhere... and when I find you, you'll wish you where never born.

Sakuya takes a step forward as Mai tries to stay out of sight. As Mai slides herself along the ledge, she hits a crack as parts of the wall begin to fall to floor. Suddenly Sakuya swiftly turns, the knife in her hand and launches the Knife at full strength in the direction of sound. The Knife flies at extreme speed and narrowly misses Mai, slicing her clothing. Mai lets out a loud scream as Sakuya's eye's suddenly widen as she begins to notice Mai above, shaking in fear with the Knife she had thrown sticking out the wall only an inch from Mai.

Sakuya: What!? What are you doing up there! Get down this instance!

Mai slowly shuffles along the ledge and drops down. Sakuya begins to exhilarate frustration as Mai shows herself. She is forced to hold back as she begins to lecture Mai.

Sakuya: What where you doing up there! Why are you not accompanied by Guards and what the bloody hell where you doing with that Knife! If you where not the Queen's sister, I would crush you where you stand, do you understand me? Not only did you nearly lose your life, you almost took mine.

Mai looks at the floor in guilt as Sakuya clenches her fists. Before Mai can respond, Sakuya stamps her foot to the floor and yells at Mai.

Sakuya: You're suppose to be getting ready for the Award Ceremony, instead I find you playing with weapons and unsafe places. You're suppose to be the Leader of this Federation, not a damn child! Stop playing games and get ready Mai!

As Mai nods, Sakuya turns and storms off followed by the Guards, as Mai looks on in the distance, Sakuya can be seen launching a combatant into the Wall in anger and screaming words that not even QBC could air. As Mai turn's back to the ledge, she notices the Knife still stuck into the wall.

Mai: I might be the Leader but I'm still going to play, and I know just the game to play next.

As Mai skips off back to ledge and slowly climbs back up, she pulls the Knife out of the Wall and places it between her teeth, a playful look on her face as jumps down and run's off into the distance.
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