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Preventing an Appearance

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Preventing an Appearance

Post by Sephira on Mon Sep 23, 2013 2:48 am

The scene turns to the Pits as Itasu can be seen preparing himself for his match against Lilith Dragon. As he straps on his gloves, the unsightly appearance of Sakuya suddenly flashes from behind him. As he unknowingly begins to strike his fists for accuracy, he swings back, causing Sakuya to swiftly duck and grabs his arm. As she tightens her grip, she launches him into a wall, causing his body to making a cracking sound as bone meets cement.

As slumps to the floor, Sakuya walks up and places the sole of her boot against the side of his cheek, pushing his head against the wall. As she kneels in, applying pressure to her foot, slowly crushing his skull, she slides her fingers along her leg and she lets off a evil giggle.

Sakuya: Oh, I'm sorry. Was you... preparing for something? I don't remember agreeing to let you fight tonight Itasu, in fact, I have someone better in mind who deserves it more.

As Sakuya presses her foot against Itasu's cheek, she grabs a hold of his arm and raises it above.

Sakuya: Oh, is this what you wanted to feel? The feeling of victory as the referee holds your arm up huh? Oh such a shame that right now instead, you're just living the honorable moment of being under my boot, like a little bug. Maybe, I should explore a way that Mai would have to put who I deem worthy to fight tonight in.

As Sakuya leans in, she slowly places her finger against her lips and sniggers.

Sakuya: I know... let's see just how strong that skull of yours is... Maybe if i can pop it, you won't be able to make the match... or any match again.

Suddenly Sakuya removes her boot and stands up, as an imprint of her sole can be seen pressed into Itasu's cheek.

Sakuya: Oh but if I do that, I'd end up having Cobalt whine at me like a little girl. Oh, how you are so lucky Lilynette made him the Colosseum Manager, if it was me Itasu, I'd be wiping my boots in the remains of that so called Brain you combatants are suppose to have.

Sakuya snorts before grabbing Itasu's arm and forcing him to his feet. As he stumbles she quickly knee's him the stomach and slams him into the wall, holding him by the cuff of his clothing as she leans in close and whispers into his ears.

Sakuya: I guess, I will just have to settle for... a putting you to sleep... in the most painful way possible.

Suddenly Sakuya slams her palms into Itasu's chin, forcing his head to slam back into the wall. As he slowly slumps back to the floor, Sakuya drives her knee into his face, causing him to go unconscious. As his body lays flat on the floor, Sakuya swiftly places her boot onto his cheek, pushing his head as she checks his status.

Sakuya: Hmph. Well that was easier then I expected. Oh well, while you... sleep this off, I'll be making sure a little wretch who won't leave me alone suffers a humiliation of a life time.

As Sakuya walks off, she lets out a laugh as the camera fades out to Itasu out cold on the floor.
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