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Pitching the Plan

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Pitching the Plan

Post by Sephira on Mon Sep 23, 2013 2:52 am

Sakuya pitches to Mai about Basil fighting Lilith with stipulation if he loses, he should lose the title. Mai will agree; but the match will end in Lilith going for a Dragon Kick, missing and hitting the ref causing a DQ.

The Camera turns to the Main Hall as Mai can be seen sitting on the floor playing with building blocks. As she reaches the top of the blocks, Sakuya suddenly bursts into the Hall, slamming the doors open and causing the blocks to tumble.

Mai: Why! I was so close to finishing! Now I have to start again!

As Mai lets out loud scream, she picks up one of the blocks and launches it at Sakuya, who quickly side steps as the block hits the wall, causing the block to split and shatter. As Sakuya turns back, her eyes squint as she grunts to herself.

Sakuya: Hmph, well at least we know you're Lilynette's sister.

As she turns back, Mai can be seen sitting with her arms crossed as she slowly huffs at Sakuya's presence.

Mai: What do you want! Why do you to disturb me while I'm playing? I already had one person stop me playing!

Sakuya snorts at Mai.

Sakuya: Really Mai, playing with building blocks? How very GM like. I'd have thought the sister of the Queen would be slightly more mature then that. Besides, I came here with a proposition for the show, not to... disturb your "Game".

As Mai stands to her feet, Sakuya slowly walks forward and stands beside Mai.

Sakuya: A certain fighter... Itasu I believe, can't make the match. Not that he'd be a good choice. So, I thought, why don't we put... Basil Blackheart against Lilith.

Mai puts her fingers against her chin and slowly nods her head.

Mai: Interesting idea Sakuya... But isn't Basil a title holder and Lilith well... isn't?

Sakuya: Exactly. So, why don't we make it a title match and give it to someone who really deserves it?

Mai goes to sit on the floor and picks the blocks back up and slowly stacks them up.

Mai: I don't know Sakuya... Maybe we could see how they do first... I know! If Lilith performs well, we could make it a title match next week? Say a Last Blood! That would be something I'd want to see myself! But... but if Lilith doesn't win, then I don't think the crowd will like it if I give her a title match... I know, if something happens I can give it to Cobalt, I've always wanted to see how he fights!

Sakuya grunts and begins to walk back towards the door.

Sakuya: As you wish. I suppose this will have to do, I'll have to make sure that little fool does win if Lilith doesn't.

As the camera begins to fade out, Mai can be seen giggling as she begins to rebuild the tower of blocks.
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