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The Shadows warning...

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The Shadows warning...

Post by Apocalypse' on Thu Sep 26, 2013 2:23 am

Deep within the reaches of the Coliseum, a shadow could be seen lurking amongst the thralls of them, lingering.. The depicted scenery showed no one but the darkness that was around them. Much more were the people preparing for the newest season where blood was going to be spilled, and the fights were basking in the need to be more brutal then ever. The shadow however, was starting to form a shape, a lingering residue of a figure draped in a cloak, the figure looked weakened, in pain from his earlier transgressions in the Chamber of Hell match but still?.. One could only see the glowing red eyes and the heinous smirk from him... like he was enjoying his body riveted in pain, tensing were the muscles.

Apocalypse: Pain is a apart of the soul of each and every man... pain is inevitable but those that relish in the pain of others, and themselves?.. Grow day by day by it. This kingdom, this realm, this sniveling excuse of a society has no one to uphold my stages... of conquest soon enough. I have already defeated... not one... but two of its champions with the simplest of ease, all I had to do was lift a finger and those that stood in my way, was no more then a pawn in my game... a wall that stood between me and my power. Do they honestly think people can stop what has already been written?.. What has been transcribed from time.. and time again... Even Basil, poor Basil had seen the truth beyond my power... His own finisher, his own move that he defeated countless people with... could not even keep me down and why?...

The voice mocked, his feet staggering him in his weakened state down through the under-workings of the large arena... A glance giving here, and there to ensure he was the only one in this domain until he got to a... wall of some kind? The wall looked natural in the first view. Apocalypse's beaming red orbs stared at the wall before his right hand reached out, cusping onto the wall itself, palm forward.

Apocalypse: Because my power is infinite in this realm, Basil thought he could get my power and use it against me in a cage that houses the shadows that speak to us.. the groans of the damned whose souls have already perished? The power which I gather each moment... Each day I get stronger, and each day I can feel them waning, their staged fighting only gives me the time I need to put an end to all of this, and make it... mine. They can continue to pretend they have a resolve, a battle hardened spirit not willing to show their fear.. Adamant they can withstand anything that comes to them... but look naught to Basil... He will never be the same while this pain.. these wounds... are only temporarily scalding on my body.

His hand started to glow, the shape of a blade now melded into his very hand, starting to open into the wall... The motion was downward, direct, cutting into the surface of solid granite until their was a cut in the middle, going down to the very bottom. All of a sudden! A red crimson liquid started to ooze from the center of the cut, starting to seep out, it was thick, but it didn't drip down to the ground.. It started to go East and West, covering the wall completely in it visage. Hands reached out, groaning, moaning to Apocalypse, in which he welcomed in open arms however? Unlike people from the past, they didn't drag him in, but as they touched over his wounds, over his flesh.. they started to close and heal.. Even burns started to disappear all the laughter of the demonic man.

Apocalypse: You see, they have already led to their own deaths... building these inventions and these wretched abominations for the glory of people in the stands. These things, are what I am.. How can you beat something that is not whole, but just shadows wishing to take over... something that is growing each and every day, getting stronger until the end is finally at hand? Something that can heal faster then you can injure?... Hahahaha.... Hahaha...

Laughing, while the arms beneath the wall of the red liquid, started to consume him... cover him whole but it was only for a few seconds before they disappeared back into the wall again. The wall closing and the blood seeping back into it like it was normal once more... Apocalypse stood, as vigor as before, no injury sustained on his body, no burn mark.. no damage to his flesh. Right hand gripped in a fist, that wired grin turning into a sadistic smirk.

Apocalypse: I gave them countless warnings... I gave them a chance to leave, I told them there was going to be a king, that there will be a change in all that they known before... Reach out not to the skies, but the shadows that will take you whole... The beating... The beating of hooves come ever closer... I can feel then nearing.. and soon.... soon... All with be nothing but dust when they ride again...

Walking off back to the corner he once appeared in.. The man used the very same trick as before. The figure became nothing but a dissipate of shadows.. Flowing into the wall and moments later? Became nothing as the place was silent once again.


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