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No Playing Around

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No Playing Around

Post by The Mark on Sat Sep 28, 2013 9:40 am

"Killer Insinct 3 - Theme" plays as The Mark, Laura Kinney, and Airi come out to a mixture of boos and cheers.

Sigui: This is interesting, I never thought that Killer's Instinct would be so bold as to let themselves come out in the open like this.

Taki: Bold? No, this is a stupid mistake for them, right now the gaurds are setting up a capture plan the moment they try to go to the back!

The Mark asks for microphones, getting three of them, he passes them to Laura and Airi.

The Mark: This public forum has come to order. Counselors The Mark, Laura Kinney, and Airi prociding.

Laura Kinney: First item to be addressed, a recap of what happened last week.

The titantron shows the events that unfolded last week, Chris Hunt, Dogpyle, Vicious Wolf, Vanessa, and Silvia Johnson storming the ring.

Silvia Johnson knocking out Airi, Vicious Wolf and Dogpyle attacking The Mark and Laura Kinney from behind, Chris Hunt raising them both and slamming them to the mat with a double-chokeslam.

The crowd boos as the titantron ends its recap with Vicious Wolf and Dogpyle over The Mark and Laura Kinney.

Laura Kinney: Second item on the agenda is how we are going to respond to these events. Either of you have a plan?

Airi: I've got one alright! It involves that *EXPLICITIVE* who knocked me out! I demand a match with Silvia Johnson, tonight!

The crowd responds positively at the prospect.

The Mark: And as for Dogpyle and Vicious Wolf, I propose a no-title tag match. It will be the Killer's Instinct versus the Pound Puppies!

The crowd laughs and cheers at The Mark's suggestion.

Laura Kinney: All fine and good, but we'll need their approval in order to have these matches.

The Mark: You're right. We need something to pressure them.

The Mark pulls out a remote.

The Mark: I have here a device that activates highly explosive... well, explosives.

Airi: Ooh! What are you going to blow?

The Mark points to the titantron as we see Dogpyle and Vicious Wolf's cell. It looks a lot better than usual. The bed has clean sheets, the couch looks reupholstered, and it looks like a PS4 is connected to the television.

The crowd cheers loudly, knowing what's coming up next.

The Mark: Countdown in 3...

The crowd joins in the countdown.



The Mark hits the button and the feed shown in the titantron goes out the same time a distant BOOM goes off.

Laura Kinney raises a hand and The Mark high-fives her.

Laura Kinney: I say this has been a successful meeting.

Airi: Hell yeah!

The Mark: So, let's recap for the heads at QBC.

The Mark pulls the camera up close, showing only his white porcelain mask.

The Mark: Airi versus Silvia Johnson. Killer's Instinct versus the two cowering hounds you call tag team champions. Get to it.

All three set their microphones down and shout out "Viva la Revolution!" before going out of the ring and going off into the crowd.
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Re: No Playing Around

Post by Sephira on Sun Sep 29, 2013 6:45 am

The two matches listed could actually make good PPV Material; Airi VS Silva VS Katatonia VS Azuray VS Amoni VS Alexis VS Lilith Dragon VS Sakuya for the Diva Championship would make a MONSTER match even if it was a stable into Fatal 4. Then Mark & Laura VS Dog & Wolf for the belts.
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