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Drake Stone/XL RP (XL vs. Magnum announced by Cobalt)

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Drake Stone/XL RP (XL vs. Magnum announced by Cobalt)

Post by @Magnum on Sun Sep 29, 2013 5:43 am

Drake Stone begins his way to the ring with a nice reaction from the crowd as he shakes hands with the fans in the first row. Dressed in his infamous Armani suit walks up into the ring and grabs a mic.

Sigui: Last week Drake Stone lost in an I Quit match to the QBC Blood Champion Magnum, a match that Magnum dominated.
Taki: He blew an opportunity to earn a championship match.
Sigui: Well let’s see what he has to say.

Drake Stone: Guys last week I let all of you down including myself. I was confident that I would be able to defeat that arrogant punk Magnum and he defeated me. (the crowd boos) It was an excellent opportunity for me to show off what I can do in the ring and well I did not fight up to par.

Sigui: This is all true, Drake was completely overmatched last week by Magnum.
Taki: That is why Magnum is the blood champion. He won’t lose to people like Drake Stone.

Drake Stone: Now I do not know if Magnum’s apparent hatred towards law and order gave him any extra motivation to defeat me but I know deep down I can beat him and I am not talking about in a court room I am talking about IN THIS DAMN RING!!! (the crowd gives a loud pop and begins to chant Drake’s name)

Sigui: The crowd is definitely showing support for Drake.
Taki: He is fired up tonight Sigui. I have never seen Drake like this.
Sigui: Neither have I Taki.

Drake Stone: Now this brings me to why I am out here. I want a rematch with Magnum and If I win which I will I want an opportunity for his championship. (the crowd cheers)
If he is so confident then he should have no problem granting me a rematch.

Just then Xalvador Leinhart appears on stage with a mic in his hand. The crowd gives him a mixed reaction.

XL: Ha, to come out here and simply demand another shot. Surely you know you were outmatched last week Drake. Magnum isn't someone to be taken lightly, and in the interest of fairness, i think you should step aside. You lost,and thats it. Now me on the other hand. I've never had a shot to go one on one with this Magnum. And i think it's just about time to change that. If Magnum was any kind of man he would come out here and have no problem with my challenge. Hmph, but from what we all know of Magnum he comes up short in those cases.

Sigui: Well Xalvador has just come out of nowhere and just told Drake off.
Taki: I think I know what is coming next.

Drake Stone: Out of all due respect Mr. Leinhart I do not like to be interrupted when I am in the middle of a speech nor do I believe these fans appreciate it so if you would be so kind and go back to where you came from you may have your turn when I am finished. Thank you.

XL: You are a funny character Drake, you think i care if you don't like to be cut off? If i remember correctly last week you quit. You very blatantly said I Quit. Surely i would never have uttered those words. And I myself think i have handled my self quite nicely so far here in QBC. So without further pushing your losing record, maybe its time to step aside and give someone new a chance. You talk about the fans right? Why not give them something new instead of giving them a rematch of last week. Heh, and surely giving me a chance to fight Magnum, won't be as disappointing as having someone like you quitting in a match.

Drake Stone: He indeed make me speak those words but I know I can defeat him.

XL: You know nothing and you showed it last week so move over because its my time now.

Cobalt then appears on the titontron.

Cobalt: Gentlemen this is going nowhere. Drake Stone I was impressed with the way you hung in there with the champ last week even though you lost. Xalvador you haven’t beaten him either so this is what is going to happen. Tonight live it will be the blood champion Magnum (the crowd boos) versus Xalvador Leinhart(again the crowd gives a mixed reaction) Now if Xalvador can defeat Magnum here tonight he will square of with you Drake Stone in a Steel Cage match to determine the number one contender for the Blood Championship at the pay per view. Now both of you leave the arena as I have a show to run.

Sigui: Wow big news from our Manager Cobalt here. Xalvador Leinhart with a chance of a lifetime if he can defeat the blood champion Magnum here tonight.
Taki: I think it will be tough but he could upset the champ and come up with the win but then has to face Drake Stone in a Steel Cage which is a brutal match.
Sigui: Confirmed for tonight Magnum vs. Xalvador Leinhart with much more to come. Stay tuned everyone.

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Re: Drake Stone/XL RP (XL vs. Magnum announced by Cobalt)

Post by Sephira on Thu Oct 03, 2013 10:55 pm

Need the template you want, if not; please re-word to appear the match for next week; with Drake being in Show 4 Wink
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