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Crack in the Mask

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Crack in the Mask

Post by The Mark on Sun Sep 29, 2013 11:45 am

A photo of Silvia Johnson is held in the hands of The Mark. He's unmoving as Laura Kinney enters their underground base.

Laura Kinney: Some nice work on the explosives, Mark. With the little we had around us, I thought that it would just singe the room, not vaporize everything in it!

Laura looks over at Mark and notices he's not moving.

Laura Kinney: Mark?

Laura begins to move closer to The Mark, at first with a bit of a smile on her face. As she gets closer, her smile goes away as she hears The Mark breathing shakily and seeing clear fluids drip from underneath the mask.

Laura Kinney: Mark, are you okay?

The Mark crinkles the photo of Silvia in his hands and shakily sets it down.

The Mark: L-L-L-Lily...

Laura Kinney gives a curious look to The Mark.

The Mark: She... will... PAY!

The Mark suddenly grips Laura Kinney and lifts her up unexpectedly.

The Mark: No one messes with me like this! NO ONE! How dare she mess with my-!

The Mark goes quiet as Laura looks down at him. He sets Laura Kinney down and stumbles for a few steps before setting a hand on a table to steady himself.

Laura Kinney: M-Mark, what's going on with you?

The Mark remains quiet before pushing past Laura Kinney.

Laura Kinney: Don't ignore me! Where are you going?!

The Mark: I'm due to have my stitches cut.

Laura Kinney: N-Now?! But what about our tag-!

The Mark has already gone before Laura has finished her sentence.
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