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Season 2 Awards Ceremony (Entire QBC)

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Season 2 Awards Ceremony (Entire QBC)

Post by The Mark on Wed Oct 02, 2013 6:06 am

A break in the show occurs as many workers come out and begin decorating the ring with regal colors.

Various trophies get carried out, one showing the masks of comedy and parody, another showing a roll of film, another with two faces glaring at each other, and the last being a man being photographed by many people.

Pomp and Circumstance plays as Colbalt, Sakuya, and Mai approach the ring, each wearing shining uniforms.

Each of them get to the ring and Mai spins around in place, her arms out wide before stopping and approaching the podium.

With a bit of a struggle, she climbs up a step ladder as the music fades out.

Mai: Hello again, everyone! Hi! Erm... Now is the time for the awards ceremony! This is for some of our great performers for the last season! To start off this event, I turn the attention over to Mr. Colbalt!

Mai steps down as Colbalt approaches the podium.

Colbalt: Thank you, Mai. That was very professional. To start, let's begin with our Best Newcomer award for our last season.

The titantron starts a video package revealing the nominees for Best Newcomer.

Colbalt: Apocalypse!

Apocalypse: Preparing yourself for the time to come I see?... How quaint but how much preparation can a man do when they know the shadows are coming, and the nightmares are in the same diabolical cage as you?

Basil Blackheart: You can't scare me, little man, I'm the worst nightmare in the cage!

The figure couldn't be seen, but felt as he looked upon from a corner of the room. Only red eyes gleaming through the shadows of that corner, staring straight at Basil.

Colbalt: The Mark!

Airi: She doesn't want you! She's fine with just me!

The Mark looks past Airi to Laura, ignoring the ranting woman.

The Mark: I expect you to follow our verbal agreement, Ms. Laura Kinney. I've gone through enough trouble to not be halted on my pathway by a simple rant by your girlfriend.

He calmly steps out of the ring, collecting his coat, hat, and equipment as Airi continues to angrily scold him inside the ring.

Colbalt: "Primetime" John Meadows!

Colbalt: We are going to take this place by storm John Meadows, just because you are out of your element doesn't mean you can't survive here. You have all of the skills to dominate here, all you need is a little help from me, and there is nothing that you will ever have to worry about! Now snap out of it and get ready to go to the training area, our work begins today.

Meadows nods and you can just see the confidence coming back to life within his body. He steps forward and pounds his chest lightly acknowledging Cobalt.

"Primetime" John Meadows: You're right Cobalt, it's time to welcome the entire QBC....to Primetime!

The video package ends as Mai hands an envelope to Colbalt, Sakuya angrily folds her arms together as she waits to hear who may have won.

Colbalt: The winner... of the Best Newcomer award... is...

Sakuya: Hmpth! Get it over with, you over-dramatic twit!

Colbalt gives a small grin to Sakuya before opening the envelope and pulling out the card, his grin suddenly falling from his face.

Colbalt: ...The Mark.

Killer's Instinct 3 - Theme plays to the sound of uproarious applause.

Sakuya turns to the ramp and leans into the ropes, her eyes scanning wildly to see if she can spot The Mark.

The song fades out, The Mark not appearing at all. The crowd begins to boo as Sakuya eases up on the ropes and begins laughing.

Sakuya: Afraid, little man?! Don't want to step in the ring with me?!

Sakuya sits in between the second and third ropes, motioning for The Mark to come into the ring.

As she continues to laugh and mock towards the ramp, The Mark has entered on the opposite end of the ring and grabbed his trophy.

With a leap, he hits Sakuya in the back of the head with the trophy, making her fall out of the ring and land in an awkward position on the outside.

With a wave and a wink, The Mark leans over the top rope and flips over to the outside.

Sakuya gets herself up and sees The Mark on the opposite end of the ring, her pupils dilating out of pure rage.

As she goes to chase The Mark, The Mark has already made himself scarce into the crowd, his trophy raised up in one arm as he rushes out.

Sakuya: I swear when I get my hands on you, you'll be nothing but a little stain under my shoe you little rat! Just you wait!

As Sakuya shakes her fist in The Mark's direction, the Camera turn's back to Mr. Cobalt.

Cobalt: Next up, we have the Best Moment. If we turn to our attention to the Screen.

Cobalt: First up; Queen Lilynette's Depature!

Girl: Really! But you're the Queen, I don't think I could ever rival that Lily, but I can always be your little Sister!

Lilynette: Yes, no matter what, you're always going to be my little Sister, and I am very proud of you for coming with me today and taking up what I'm about to ask.

Lilynette raises to her hand and offers her hand to the girl, who slowly grabs it and stands to her feet. She walks over and stands by Lilynette as she faces Sakuya and Cobalt.

Lilynette: I can assume you already know what's up, but encase you do not. This is my little Sister and she will be taking my place. Matter's outside of the Federation call and I have no choice but to answer them, so she will be running this place for me. Don't think for one second that she is incapable or will not be able to do her job properly. I can assure you, she has the same demon blood as me and I have seen it first hand.

Lilynette slowly pushes the girl towards Cobalt and Sakuya.

Lilynette: Her name is Mai. I want you BOTH to make sure she is safe. If I find out anything happens to her while I am away, you will both have me to answer to, do you both understand?

Cobalt: Revelation of the champion's past!

Once Jordan walks enough to get get two steps away from Chris, he puts the big bag down, and says the same words that were on Chris' mind all night.

Jordan: There is no room for losers in the Hunt family.

Chris just stares at his father, again, confused and anxious.

Jordan: This bag contains all your clothes and personal items, don't bother coming back home.
Chris Hunt: B-but..he chea---

Jordan: It doesn't matter, what matters is that you lost, you were pinned, the other side was victorious, and you weren't, goodbye.

Jordan turns to leave but before he can fully turn around, Chris cries out something.

Chris: But I'm only 11 damn it!

Jordan turns back to his son, still as calm as someone like him can possibly be.

Jordan: And you're already a disappointing disgrace!

Cobalt: A Nightmare Come True!

Xalvador awakes from a blood curdling scream that is heard from the den just down the hall. He sits up out of bed and rubs his eyes, hoping they will come into focus.

Xalvador: Mom?

No answer. Even as a young boy Xalvador isnt usually scared of anything or anyone. But on a night like tonight there's a different presence felt. And not exactly a good one to say the least. He looks out the window, judging by the light on the horizon it was about to be early morning. a crisp cool air can be felt coming out the bottom of the window. The sun just coming over the horizon is enough to bring light to the room. A small room with not much in it. Just a small twin size mattress on the floor with no pillows and blankets, a few articles of clothing sprawled out on the floor. A small picture of him,his mom, and his dad sits on the floor next to the mattress he sleeps on. Not much to a kid but it's the best his parents can offer.

Xalvador: Dad?

No reply. Usually at this time at least one of his parents would be awake, making breakfast or reading. He cautiously makes his way to the bedroom door, turns the doorknob, and wonders out into the hall. Across the way opposite his room is another room. His parents room. But the door is open. Not something that is usual of them if they were to be sleeping still. As he makes his way into the hall a funny stench is present in the air. A combined scent of sulfer mixed with the rotten stench of meat that has gone bad fills the air.

Xalvador: Anyone awake?

Cobalt: An offer for an Execution!

Apocalypse: Listen my friend... I tried to find you last week but you were nowhere to be found, I believe we've had our differences but it seems, they are trying to put me in the same confliction of a match as you.. and the prize?.. Hahahaha... I don't need the prize at all, nor do I want it... I'm here to help you Basil, I want no part in the match, and you can have the victory freely. Have your gift, to show that I want you on my side... Basil. Look at these conditions, are these conditions really befitting of a Champion? You deserve better, and as my own champion you will have whatever, you wish... I know the nightmares are strong in your head Basil, just waiting to take you like the shadows over-taking the light but I.... I can make it go all away...

It's been a while since Basil's face has changed so drastically infront of someone. It was unusual of him, but he was thinking that the annoying man could be usefull in this situation. It was not characteristic of the executioner to seek help in achieving a victory, but something deep inside of him was whispering in the depths of his mind that this man could help him win the prize and finally receive the attention of Sakuya.

Basil Blackheart: I.... I might have my weaknesses, but what do you know about it? They... I ... I am stronger than them ... I can suppress them...

Apocalypse: What about if I could tell you, that the Nightmare and the shadows can be your strongest power to date?... That they can fuel you to victory and prove to everyone you are a worthy champion. These people, do not understand you like I do.. Basil.. I've been watching for longer then you know, it is time you get the respect you deserve don't you? Let me help you... Let the shadows make you stronger and when you win tonight, and get your prize.. it will be a show of good-faith that the Nightmares are... finally gone from you.

Cobalt: and lastly; New chapter in the book of Izumi!

As the man who has never been on a card laughs someone out of the scenery kicks him with his boot right to the side of his face as he falls down, his inmates run off and Izumi suddenly wears a light smile on his face. The scene shifts a bit and Dogpyle is reveled as the man with the high kicks.

Dogpyle: Hey look...whoever you are. You missed a spot there.

He then grabs the knocked out guys hair and drags his face right into the same spit. He then waves his arm calling Izumi closer.

Izumi: Please do your job and take out this trash. Thank you.

Izumi then grabs the knocked out man by his wrestling tights and barely drags out the man who out-weights Izumi by about 40 pounds. He barely pushes him out of the training room, takes a deep breath and comes back, he nods his head to Dogpyle and is about to take his mop to continue the work.

Dogpyle: You know when I told you yesterday to come to the training room and do some work, I didn't mean clean the damn place. Here, give me the mop.

Izumi, while wearing a worried look on his face hesitantly gives the mop to Dogpyle.

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Re: Season 2 Awards Ceremony (Entire QBC)

Post by Sephira on Thu Oct 03, 2013 10:54 pm

I've added a little; will try to get some more in tonight
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