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When Curiosity Goes Wrong

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When Curiosity Goes Wrong

Post by Sephira on Wed Oct 02, 2013 11:43 pm

The camera cuts to The Pits as Mai can be seen walking around alone. Her curiosity high as she peers into each cell she goes past. As she peers into one cell, she notices a shiny object which catches her attention.

Mai: What's this? Oh its so shiny!

Mai, swiftly slips into the cell and peers closer at the object. Before she could touch it, a hand quickly grabs the back of her clothing and pulls her up. As she freezes, a combatant appears in the Camera view, his hand gripping her shirt tightly with a smug look on his face.

Combatant: Well looky here. I caught me a thief. A small one at that.

As the Combatant leans in closer, Mai begins to struggle.

Mai: I'm not a thief! Let me go you big ugly thing!

The Combatant lets our a laugh as he turns and begins to walk out of the Cell, carrying Mai in front of him.

Combatant: Ugly? That's a funny thing to say for a little girl with horns. What are you suppose to be? Nevermind, I know just the thing to do to you.

Suddenly, Lilith Dragon comes running down the corridor. As she approaches the Combatant, she quickly jumps up into the air, her legs out in front as her boot collides with the combatants face. As they both connect, the combatant slams to the floor, dropping Mai. As Lilith lands on the ground, she looks down at the Combatant, his face hidden beneath her boot. She shakes her head before stepping off and pulls Mai from the ground.

Mai: T-t-thanks! Erm... I should be going!

As Mai turns and runs, Lilith looks on content, giving a bow as Mai disappears in the distance. As she look's back at the grounded Combatant, she lets of a small smile before walking off as the Camera fades out.
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